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      Broadly speaking Yes, I explained up above. But cast your mind back to the 1986-88 years, we saw at the end of the Crisis that the remaining earth's were Earth's 1 & 2, Earth-Shazam, Earth-Charlton, and Earth-x. And out of those earth's we know only 1 & 2 had a Superman, hence the revised Superman being a merged result of the histories of Earth's 1&2

    Why would you possibly assume this? The revised/post-crisis Superman is most certainly NOT the E2 Superman who went to the paradise dimension w/his history and memories.

I'm not assuming anything. All the in-continuity evidence and the official stance of DC themselves over the years since is posted up above.
Yes the Earth-2 Superman went off into limbo, the earth he lived on and his place in it was then folded into the new earth - or to put it another way, at the grand age of 70+(?) he may have physically left through a magic door to elsewhere, but his life and the world he lived on were still part of the history of Earth-2 in just the same way that the deceased Earth-1 Wonder Woman's life was still history on Earth-1. The earth's merged together and a final wave of revision from the battle with the Anti-Monitor at the dawn of time washes over and restarts everything with a new consolidated history. Both Earth 1&2 Supermen as we knew them technically ceased to exist at this point as reality had reconfigured itself to make a new whole. If there's any question to be had then I would say that it is how Wonder Woman is alive and an element in the new matrix...? But then again in the new timeline she debuts well after Superman, Batman, Flash etc in Legends. Given thought though Crisis #12 ammended her 'death' to make clear she had been devolved back into clay on the shores of Paradise Island and therefore she presumably slipped through into the new unified Universe in the same way Chemo was said to have done in Action Comics #590. Fate certainly smiled upon her.

Accept the official line and move on.


      As with Batman's past adventures large swathes were either erased or rewritten.

    No, Batman's bronze age history (and memories of it) remained very much in tact (except of course his Worlds Finest adventures w/pre-Crisis Superman).

You assume. Batman's history was left somewhat flexible after the Crisis true, but as with Superman if you take the timeframe of Man of Steel, and Batman's own words in issue #3 when they first meet, then it has been eight months since Superman arrived in Metropolis and Lois Lane named him. We know that He hasn't been operating all that long in Gotham either. From the dating set in Man of Steel #1 Clark Kent is aged 25 when he becomes Superman, Three years have passed by the time Man of Steel ends and segues straight into Superman #1, where we know Superman is aged 28. So by this Batman has about three years in which to adventure between setting up in Gotham, and when we arrive in the modernday. Just like Superman has three years in which to adventure before we arrive with him in the modernday... we just assume it was longer than that due to the vagueness by which it was handled subsequently, which is what made that establishing era such a neat narrative sleight-of-hand.

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