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    Why would you possibly assume this? The revised/post-crisis Superman is most certainly NOT the E2 Superman who went to the paradise dimension w/his history and memories.

    It's questionable if he is the anything of the pre-Crisis Superman because they have radically different memories and pasts. It would make sense if it was the E1 Superman who was revised; but this was not shown or made explicit at all. Indeed, at the end of COIE, we are left w/E1 Superman left intact *as* the E1 Superman.

    I'm not talking influences; I'm talking in-continuity reasoning.

    Look, I (kinda) get what you're saying, but I'm not convinced we (or DC) believe that post-Crisis Superman is E1 SUperman in any shape or form. Therefore, it begs the question (for me, anyway). . what the hell happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

First off, a quick ground rule: I'm only talking about the DCU in the immediate aftermath of Crisis. I'm not really up to speed with what's going on in the current Superman books and honestly, it simply doesn't interest me. Modern DC creators seem to have little respect for their history and heritage, so why should I care about what they're doing? So, with that in mind...

The mistake is in thinking it's Superman that's changed. And it's a mistake because that's far too small.

It's the entire universe that's changed.

Talking about the Earth-1 Superman after the Crisis is inappropriate because there never WAS an Earth-1. The 'new' universe is the only one that ever existed, a universe that has aspects that we (as outside observers) can trace back to five different pre-crisis universes.

The Earth-2 Superman and Lois Lane (and the Earth-Prime Superboy) were taken out of spacetime altogether by Alex Luthor, but their HISTORIES weren't. That's important, because it's these histories that are folded into the single universe.

So the history of the Superman of the single universe is an amalgam of the histories of both the Earth-1 and 2 Supermen. Both of those heroes are in a sense still there in the person of the single universe Superman.

    No, Batman's bronze age history (and memories of it) remained very much in tact (except of course his Worlds Finest adventures w/pre-Crisis Superman).

The changes to Batman's history are subtler, but still there. But that's because the Batmen of Earths 1 and 2 were very similar characters with very similar histories, whereas the two Supermen had more marked differences.

Beyond the World's Finest stories, the single universe Batman wasn't a founding member of the JLA and didn't take part in any of their earliest adventures. Some of his own stories never happened, or happened differently. The histories of Robin, and Jim and Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon were - again subtly - different. His career as Batman started about 10 years later. He never had a Batmobile that looked like and early 1960's roadster. His memories of and interaction with the JSA were different. And so on...

Ues, and sinced COIE was averted, this rebirth Superman should still be the OC Version, but now folded into the current time line continuity!

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