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Subj: ok issue
Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 at 12:38:39 am EST (Viewed 103 times)
Reply Subj: Thoughts on Superman's appearance in Batman #36 *SPOILERS*
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1. Superman is conveniently making himself busy stopping a train from crashing from the bridge is missing scenario while talking to Lois who says he needs to call Batman so Lois and Clark can meet Bruce's fiancé, Selina Kyle.

2. Superman makes excuses that he's busy, but Lois ain't buying it. She knows her husband all too well. Clark is stalling. He doesn't wish a criminal like Selina to know he's Clark. Lois makes a good point about trust when she brings it up. She points out that Batman is Clark's friend, that Clark trusts Bruce daily to help save the world, but that Clark doesn't trust Bruce to love someone we can trust.

Clark is stalling. Lois also points out that Selina is very good and finding things that people try and hide, that she likely already knows Clark and Superman are one and the same.

3. Batman is stalling too, likely because he's debating on telling Selina Clark is Superman. Catwoman points this out and proves that Lois's reporter instincts are correct. Selina Kyle already knows Clark is Superman. "Guy who always writes about Superman, who looks just like Superman. But with glasses. And slicked back hair. I'm a thief. I find the hidden things...darling, I already know."

The glasses disguise didn't fool Selina. I wonder how long she's known? Smart woman.

4. Trouble comes up and Clark changes into Superman to deal with it. After he does he thing, Lois councils him to call Batman. Clark agrees.

5. Batman is afraid to talk to Clark and Selina sees through the masked fear as she points that out to Bruce. I'm really liking Bruce's relationship with Selina. I might just have to start reading Batman on a regular basis. She understands Bruce like no other.

6. Superman is now battling some nameless villain in the desert. Again, Lois reminds Clark to call Bruce and Superman says he will. but Lois is not buying the excuses anymore and says that tonight they will all have a meeting together. No more excuses.

7. Then we have a nice parallel dialogue where Bruce and Clark talk about each other. What Batman says about Superman is a perfect example that proves that Superman is NOT a cardboard cutout, one dimensional, character. But those of us who actually read the comics, we already know this. ;\)

8. Superman and Lois finally have a meet up with Batman and Catwoman. Lois introduces herself, shaking Selina's hand. Then two bad guys show up. A funny moment happens when Superman asks Batman, "Vengeance is the night?" In which Batman replies, "Up, up and away."

9. Good to see Lois has BLUE eyes for once. Too bad the main Superman titles always get it wrong with those purple eyes. I also liked seeing her with black hair. The brown hair is nice, but black not only looks better, but it's Lois's original hair color anyway.

Good issue. A fun read, I recommend it.

I like the art and the story is light and breezy, but I've got a few problems:

1) Writing and dialogue is amateurish and makes S&B out to be immature and foolish. I don't picture Bruce Wayne having so hard a time dropping Clark Kent a line regarding personal news. Soooo tired of this contrived uneasy relationship and miss the 80s Worlds Finest team!

2) Their dueling dialogues about each other left something to be desired; but still slightly better than Loeb's dueling lovers monologues. But how they described each other doesn't ring true quite at all. Everyone in the DCU wants to be Batman? Huh? Lots of head scratchers in there, really.

3) not a fan of Selina knowing who Superman is because it's obvious. We're supposed to accept/believe-in the convention that glasses/changed mannerisms WORKS. This violates and denigrates that. Nor do I like Lois being so blase about people knowing who her husband is. Doesn't she realize the magnitude danger this risks?

4) Seriously, Bruce is marrying Selina? How is he supposed to work in the batcave with DAT ASS walkin' around!

5) What's the deal with this anonymous villain who bloodies Superman's nose?! With no follow-up to that moment.

The art saves this issue. Again, modern comic book writing is very bush league.

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