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Subj: Re: Thoughts on Action Comics #994 *SPOILERS*
Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 at 05:45:30 pm EST (Viewed 111 times)
Reply Subj: Thoughts on Action Comics #994 *SPOILERS*
Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 at 12:41:15 pm EST (Viewed 132 times)


    1. The cover. Superman looks a little young here. More like Superboy than Superman. Doesn't matter, though. I love Dan's art work. I'm very glad to see he took the time to draw this issue as well.

The outfit has to go!

    2. Booster Gold sums it up nicely as to one of the reasons as to why I do not want Superman to develop the power of time travel under his own power. In the beginning pages of this comic, Booster says that Superman may have broken time by going back into Krypton's past. Superman is already seeing things that shouldn't be there, like Kryptonian battle suits.

Personal preference aside, what you saying could be done by any character with the ability to travel through time. Modern time-travel stories all seem to be predicated on fouling up the timeline, whereas they could also be great adventures line "Time and Time Again". And Booster Gold is the last one to talk about jacking the timeline when it comes to Blue Beetle.

    3. Okay, I had to frown at this part. Superman takes one of Booster's blasters. No problem there so far. But Skeets turns up the juice to maximum and Superman turns around and shoots a guard. Wouldn't that, I don't know, KILL HIM?! *Bonks Superman on the head* Thoughtless!

Maximum stun. Hey, it worked on Star Trek. ;\)

    4. Booster claims Superman's presence on Krypton is re-writing it's history. Based on what I've seen so far, I believe it.


    5. The concept of New Time is introduced where Krypton never exploded. So, Superman may not have broken time after all but instead, created a new potential future. Based on what I've seen so far, I believe it. But if Superman never left Krypton, that means the history of Earth has been altered and likely for the worse.

Or maybe "Krypton Returns" by Scott Lobdell had a stronger affect? I'd like it of that storyline was somehow acknowledged, as this isn't the first jaunt back to Krypton.

    6. Ooohhh, General Zod mentions Black Zero and the Eradicators.

    7. Superman is being an idiot. He knows nothing about the dangers of time travel and is ignoring Booster's advice to leave. The longer they stay, the more that timeline will become the permanent one. Another reason why he should never develop time travel on his own power. He'd be too reckless with it based on the evidence so far.

I'm sure the timeline will be just fine. However, he came for answers; he's not going to leave without them. Now if he had the ability to time travel on his own, he could have gotten what he needed and just went home.

    8. DC Editorial really needs to stick to a decision here. Is Sam Lane alive or dead? Here, he's alive. But he's also been dead, then alive again, then dead again. Make a decision!

Perhaps he's a time traveler?

    9. Superman and Booster hold there own against some Eradicators and General Zod before they leave. Superman gets a view of his life on what might have been had he never went to Earth as a baby. He had a sister, he got married to a blonde and had a daughter.


    10. The time sphere crashes in the 25th century, Gotham. But an Eradicator unit managed to follow them. Uh oh.

Gotham still exists in the 25th century? You'd think they would rename in and exorcise Bartatos or whomever curses that place.

    I liked the issue overall, minus a few dumb moments. What did you think?

I love a good time travel story. I think the last one that happened was with Jurgens, who's a natural being the creator of Booster Gold, and this is shaping up to be another.

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