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Subj: I agree about the actual movie "telling the true tale", that's why I don't take any article at face value.
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Reply Subj: Re: I'm really not sure if this is a good thing...more on Taika Waititi's inspiration for Thor 3.
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There are pluses and minuses with Flash Gordon.  The pluses in terms of considering what this might mean for the upcoming Thor movie include the score, fast-moving rapid style pace, done with energy and love, and the main character managing to unite disparate sides to join with him in overcoming the villain.

The minuses would include the campy dialogue (which actually was intentional for that movie) and the wooden acting of the lead Sam J. Jones.  I don't have much fear of either of those factors with Ragnarok, but one never truly knows until we see the final product.

In reading parts of the recent Empire article on line, I am actually hopeful for this movie:
Empire Thor Ragnarok article

Producer Winderbaum says, "With Mjolnir destroyed by Hela and a de-powering 'obedience disc' attached, he's got to use his smarts, his charisma, and his savvy to navigate his way off this world."

Taika says, "Thor needs to achieve his goals, but he's also dealing with this character (the Hulk) who's very volatile."  "How do you deal with a character who's complicating things and making your mission harder?"

In an earlier article we were led to believe that the inspiration for the film was Kurt Russell's character in "Big Trouble in Little China", where Jack Burton was a likeable clueless guy who stumbled his way to victory mainly through the efforts of those around him.

I am far more encouraged by the Empire article and what it has to say then I was with the earlier article.  Not to mention that both trailers have been superb.  But the movie will tell the true tale, not the hype or the nitpicks prior to its release.


...those features and articles are supposed to promote and hype the movie. That thing from Empire? A puff piece to get people to buy the magazine and for those same people to buy tickets for the movie. 

But here is the disturbing thing...the  little bits of nuggets we get from the ones who are hyping the film leaves me shaking my head. First it's funny, the funniest Thor ever, as if the first 2 were so intensely serious. Then it's a buddy comedy road trip in space. Then it's an homage to Big Trouble in Little China (soooo campy), and Thor is going to be a lovable loser. Then it's a gladiator match of the century. Now it's a rip off of Flash Gordon, complete with Queen-esque music. My gosh!!!! This movie sounds like it's going to be a mess, and these things are coming straight from those who are hyping the damn thing.

And I didn't like both trailers, except the awesome song (which was the first time I heard of the Led Zeppelin song, I must admit).