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Subj: Would somebody please explain to me why War Thor is supposed to be in the wrong?
Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 at 08:01:21 pm EDT (Viewed 288 times)
Reply Subj: Mighty Thor #22: Think of the children!
Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 at 09:54:54 pm EDT (Viewed 403 times)

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Mighty Thor 022 (2017)

Not much to analyze. Sindr and Malekith posture at each other with sneaky Loki watching on for the prelude. Surtur is confirmed dead. Then War Thor makes an impressive entrance. He battles the Queen with unquantifiable acts and waxing words for most of issue. Until Lady Thor shows up and channels Helen Lovejoy to 'think of the children'. Then an interesting moment as 616 Mjolnir teleports the Thors away to debate the 1610 Mjolnir. Enraged Volstagg is peeved and prepares to clash with (SJW?) Jane for next issue. Run of the mill ish.

Here's some uninspired 0-Day posts as fourchan so far...

    The Mighty Thor22 Storytime TNG !!78OlG4aHJqS 08/16/17(Wed)10:17:16 No.94689221
    Lets do this

    TNG !!78OlG4aHJqS 08/16/17(Wed)10:19:08 No.94689252
    Place your bets people, how long before Surtur returns?

    TNG !!78OlG4aHJqS 08/16/17(Wed)10:21:38 No.94689290
    Sindr the Queen of Cinders! Would you?

    TNG !!78OlG4aHJqS 08/16/17(Wed)10:31:38 No.94689448
    I keep waiting for Sindr to say
    >Be gone from my realm insect
    >Die insect

    TNG !!78OlG4aHJqS 08/16/17(Wed)10:32:49 No.94689461
    Aaron really loves his sharks

    TNG !!78OlG4aHJqS 08/16/17(Wed)10:41:03 No.94689603
    >Dwarf uses fire demon children to fuel their furnaces
    These dwarfs do not &^%$ around

    TNG !!78OlG4aHJqS 08/16/17(Wed)10:43:29 No.94689638
    And in the next issue the real Thor will show up and kick both their assess

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)11:14:06 No.94690150
    of course I would, she's pretty hot

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)11:20:10 No.94690252
    stuff like this is why this series seems to go on forever

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)11:21:19 No.94690270
    War Thor starts jobbing the moment Whor needs to appear in the same scene

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)11:22:10 No.94690281
    >scene with fire baby
    it's atlantis all over again

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)11:29:09 No.94690382
    "Death of the Mighty Thor" in 700. Is Whor finally going away?

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)11:32:11 No.94690433

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)12:01:23 No.94690917
    When will this awful idea of using Thor's name as a title end?

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)12:18:57 No.94691296
    >scene with fire baby
    theyre trying to humanize muspelheim

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)15:19:30 No.94694949
    Just more SJW pandering from SJW Marvel.

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)15:58:54 No.94695795
    Cover looks like a dog vomited up a pack of crayons.

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)16:47:02 No.94696788▶
    >scene with fire baby
    Awww, so cute

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)16:49:22 No.94696844
    WarThor was Jobbing pretty much the moment Sindur started fighting him.

    Anonymous 08/16/17(Wed)19:52:54 No.94700533
    >volstagg brutally attacking children
    Great, another edgy reinterpretation of a once great character.

Support Cancer Research and Alzheimer Research.

The War of the Realms claims more and more lives. Asgard cannot be counted on to supply an army to deal with it. Attempting to remove Cul from power would cause a civil war. The Congress of Worlds is useless. The Mighty Thor is impotent. Jane-Thor spends half her time or more playing mortal or being an Avengers and still refuses any effective treatment because she doesn't like magic despite using a magic hammer. That leaves War Thor. The one guy so far who has shown to be truly fighting this war and making a difference for the good guys.

So why is letting him lay waste to Musephilm wrong?

Musephilm has been a threat to the peace and stability to the nine realms since the dawn of time. Surtur is a nigh-unstoppable power house on par with Odin who always returns. The inhabitants are either by nature or nurture willing soldiers in his armies. Their sole goal to to burn to ash everything that is not them. They have waged countless wars and plots over the ages to accomplish this. The children appear to be indoctrinated into this this philosophy from an early age. They have no respect or mercy for outsiders. The very realm is hostile to non-native lifeforms making any invasion costly with an army which may explain why no one appears to have ever tried. Following the WWII parallels, the Queen of Cinders will use civilian shields and send fanatic children out to fight if she becomes desperate enough.

Destroying Musephilm would eliminate a threat that has been around for ages, be a major blow to Malekith's war effort, might convince some of his followers to reconsider, save the lives of the inhabitants of Nidvilar (for the time being at least), give the allies a chance to regroup and maybe get the attention of Asgard.

Aside from abstract morality, why is War Thor laying waste to Musplhim a bad thing? I admit it would be brutal, cruel and barbaric. But it is not like the protagonists have a lot of options. They have no army and few effective fighters. That is why they say War is Hell.

Wouldn't it be better to get this war over with instead of dragging it out? Why is War Thor wrong?

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