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Subj: Re: I'm going to chime in on this one, and it ain't gonna be pretty
Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 at 08:28:12 pm EDT (Viewed 177 times)
Reply Subj: I'm going to chime in on this one, and it ain't gonna be pretty
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    hammerless thor should do well against hulk, but no question:  he's going to come out seriously worse for wear.  thor 385 is the definitive issue on this subject, IMO. 

Let me start by saying I am one of the most die hard Thor fans you will ever meet. I've been calling Marvel out on their hate agenda for years, and been called many things for it. But feel wonderfully vindicated in light of certain things.

Having said that I'm going to actually defend the hulk here. I was once a hulk fan, I loved the character. Marvel and the fanboys they hired ruined him for me. It's because of them that I hate him now. However for the sake of accuracy let's be clear. While it's true hulk threatens a woman, to get Thor to throw Mjolnir away. Once Thor does this hulk says he never had any intention of harming the woman, he used her to get Thor to throw Mjolnir away. This doesn't justify the action, the woman; looking at it if she were real; would have been traumatized to say the least. But her life wasn't threatened. LMAO of course this raises it's own problems, after the fight was only a few seconds long Thor could have summoned Mjolnir back to him. Why not? His pride wouldn't have been in it at that point, and the woman was no longer threatened.

Here's the core issue EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING about this book was designed by an acknowledged Thor hater to downplay the Thunder God on EVERY level. Thor is shown as doing OK with Mjolnir, but it's only a few panels at the beginning of the book. He only ever hits hulk, no sparks, no energy. And hulk only wipes blood from his nose in a rather uncaring manner. While he was "injured", at best he was looking more bothered by the hits rather than in pain.

This book was written by Jim Shooter, NOT Stan Lee who only scripted(he put in words to a story already written, in other words Stan filled in the blanks) it. Jim Shooter showed in a letter to the Spider-man comic that he had a specific dislike of our favorite Prince of Asgard. This became apparent when he set in motion his idea that hulk should be stronger and Thor should be more powerful. It was in this direction, which was Against what both Jack Kirby, and Stan Lee wanted, that the snowball got set in motion that has lead to some of Thor's most ridiculous showing in comics.

This is NOWHERE near being the "definitive issue" it was a pathetic attempt to justify one or rather more than one persons hate of a character. As I hear it which of 2 Shooter, or another decided the stronger, more powerful thing. But again is validation. To have an argument over which started it is moot that they both wanted it becomes clear. and here in lies what I've been saying for decades, which was written off as a "conspiracy theory". The comic side of Marvel isn't a co. it's a club. They hire and seek to hire like minded individuals to fill the positions there in. It's not an uncommon practice, really.
When I played World of Warcraft every so often there would be an advertisement on the main home page, talking about hiring people who love WoW for the co. I always used to say this was a bad idea. The chances people like everything a game has to offer is slim to none. So when they hired these people they would bring in, and influence the game with their ideas of what should stay, get better, get worse or go. This would naturally piss people who loved the things these new people hated. They should always hire people who had little to no interaction with WoW so their views wouldn't be jaundiced. Marvel should have done the same, but instead brought the co. to near bankruptcy.

The comic not only minimizes in time, and quantity showing what Thor can truly do. They placed him in a no win scenario. His strength and durability being "weaker" was having him on the receiving end of a beating that made him look weak at best. He was shown to be running out of steam. This is the SAME Thor who fought with Zeus for MONTHS without tiring. At the same time staying to fight endangered many human lives, to which hulk decides at the end to stop and leave, making Thor the "monster" in his own book.

So Thor is the weaker, slower, ego-ridden, arrogant fool who just had to fight and was losing to boot. Which is exactly how Jim "insert rude comment about him here" Shooter wanted. This is the same Thor who was shown to be not only hulk's physical equal, by the CREATORS OF BOTH CHARACTERS, but smarter, faster, more agile. In everyway Thor is superior to hulk. I mean what's a definition of force, Mass x Acceleration? So even bare handed Thor should win more fights than not, with Mjolnir it shouldn't even be a contest. Now add some of his other more exotic powers which he's been shown to use without Mjolnir?

Thor 385 can truly be written off as so much Thor hating hulk fanboy dribble, at it's absolute best.

Erik Larsen was the penciler, Stan wrote the script, and Shooter did the plot.

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