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Subj: Re: How I would retcon Jason Aaron's abominations:
Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 at 04:46:57 pm EDT (Viewed 180 times)
Reply Subj: How I would retcon Jason Aaron's abominations:
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So Aaron has created plenty of problems for Thor. The hammer is sentient, Thor is unworthy, Jane holds the hammer, and Odin is basically evil. But all these problems can be fixed by explaining why Odin is evil. What I would do is say that the Ones Who Sit Above in Shadow survived, but need the Asgardians to move on to the next cycle to continue to survive. So since there isn't another cycle to return to, they take Odin and begin to replace him with what the Odin would have been in the next cycle. Except this Odin is not the benevolent All Father we've come to love. Slowly throughout time the current Odin is successfully replacing the old Odin. The new Odin wouldn't have made a worthiness enchantment, because he's a jerk, so to fix this a new origin for the hammer is made. Now this hammer is sentient and prefers Jane over Thor. No one notices that this is happening until Beta Ray Bill's hammer disappears from existence, because only the classic Odin could and would have made such a weapon and there aren't many Mother Storms to replicate the current origin. But Bill's bond with Stormbreaker is too strong so he sees through Those Who Sit Above in Shadows lies and recruits Thor (and Jane if she still has the hammer) and they eventually face down the new Odin. They stop him and Those Who Sit Above in Shadow and everything is restored, Jane is unworthy and Thor can lift Mjölnir, Mjölnir is what it's always been, Odin is restored, and Bill has his hammer back. So that's how I would undo Aaron's madness. Thoughts?

Funny you should bring this up, I was thinking about this the other day.

Basically, I feel like our thor died at the end of Oeming's ragnarok years ago. Pre secret wars. Since we are now in universe "8" (whatever) I guess we have to assume the breaking of the ragnarok cycle is still in place because we keep seeing king thor who has been around for millions of years, apparently. And in this post secret wars era, there is a "mother storm" in mjolnir that is running the show for the hammer. It hovers, and talks to Jane, etc. so the "worthy" enchantment means nothing. IMHO, The whisper "gorr was right" was actually said to the hammer, and woke up the storm. Worthiness and thor's mental state dont have anything to do with his inability to lift it. I just really dont want him to have mjolnir as long as the storm is in the hammer. Jane just selfishly goes along for the ride. the hammer is the avenger, the hero, the protagonist.

Anyways, at her upcoming "death" have him hold mjolnir for a second, and give it back. It then brings her back from the brink. Makes him the self sacrificial hero. Let him exhibit his powers on his own. Flight, and various other power sets the son of Odin and Gaea would have have. Maybe even give him Red Norvells old Crusher hammer (it should be the equal of mjolnir minus the mother storm) if he needs the aesthetic. Let him be the big gun that he is without mjolnir and the mother storm. Let him fight Thanos and Terrax and mephisto and Satannish with Jarnborn.

I say all this because she's not going anywhere for a while. Rather than her get the "greatest hero of all time" sendoff with a bang now, let low sales do it 2 or 3 years from now.

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