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Subj: Re: The Dan Jurgens Thor Run, What Did You Guys Think Of It? How Would You Rate It?
Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 at 10:43:16 am EDT (Viewed 176 times)
Reply Subj: The Dan Jurgens Thor Run, What Did You Guys Think Of It? How Would You Rate It?
Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 at 09:07:16 pm EDT (Viewed 229 times)

    I used to buy this when it was coming out (Back then, comics were cheaper. Boy, I miss those days.), and I thought that the first year or so (Heroes Return.) with John Romita Jr was really good. That Destroyer arc was the best, as I really did not know about the character before then, and that made me really dig him. After that, there was some good stuff, but it started to lose steam. I think that Jurgens should have left a lot earlier (Say, after the death of Odin.). Overall, I think that Jurgens was underlooked, and I would classify the Dark Gods storyline as a classic. If just for the first year, I would give him either a B or a B +, overall I would give him a C or a C-.

Like most runs a mixed bag of good/bad but mostly good - and his was a long run, maybe the second longest Thor writer? He came up with some great ideas like bringing Asgard to Earth, which obviously stuck. He delivered great battles - Desak, Mangog, Thanos, Gladiator etc. However The Reining arc did seem to wander off and missed its allotted time to make its points, which meant it was prematurely wrapped up, but poignant nonetheless. As well as Asgard over earth, subsequent writers have borrowed from Jurgen’s - Aaron’s Godbutcher being a near identical copy of Desak the Godslayer. Magni, Thor’s son was particularly well realised. Jurgens could write characters well, but in having Mangog in thrall to Thanos he sometimes missed the SA mark - though any writer might make that mistake - in fact MOST writers probably would write it that way now. Bringing back the Enchanters was cool also. Dan respected continuity and legacy and built on Stand, Jack and John's work.

I don’t care particularly for Romita Jrn’s fast and loose layouts, so this didn’t help, but having said that, his big, bold visuals made the series feel bright and powerful. When Tom Rhaney came on board the book went up by several notches, with Desak vs Thor a real highlight of the serie, with Tom's clean anatomy and beautifully rendered details really impressive.

I highly recommend the Jurgens Omnibus and really hope that unlike so many other omissions, Marvel actually get round to publishing the second volume soon.