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Subj: Several things needs to happen if Thor gets a New Hammer..
Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 at 10:01:05 pm EDT (Viewed 295 times)
Reply Subj: New Hammer for the original Thor?
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Hello there! New to posting on the board but I do keep an eye on it to see what people are talking about with regards to Thor. I saw this artwork by Daniel Acuna in a torrent I downloaded today called "Avengers - Marvel Legacy Primer Pages" and it seems to show a new hammer for Thor! Just wondering what everyone thought about this?

1) The Hammer must be Enchanted by Odin with the same power-levels as the old one- with the original TIME powers included. Gaea must provide her own Enchantment on the Hamer on an equal level as Odin. Thus, the New Hammer been heavily Enchanted by a Sky-lord and an Elder goddess will:

1) Hit with far more strength and power.

2) As the Gaea Enchantment goes, this Hammer will have the power over the Four Elements on a really vast scale (can create giant Earthquakes, Tidal Waves, powerful Mystical Fire coming from the hammer and that it can create countless Planetary volcanoes to erupt instantly, etc.); particularly Storm powers and much more powerful Lightning bolts. Thor's Energy Projection will also increase dramatically...

3) The vast energy of this NEW and improved will provide the wielder Thor with even more physical strength and durability... without the hammer, Thor would have his normal strength/durability...

4) Only Thor can lift the Hammer.

5) Odin must removed his Original Enchantment given to the old Hammer; whether that would interfere with the transformation of Jane Foster or not is quite irrelevant. For the Ultra Liberal Jane Foster and Mother Storm are using Odin's enchantments or mystical energies without his permission or consent- whether they use it for good or bad- is not really important.

5) The real Thor will be called Thor again. Jane has no justifiable reason to hold on to that name any longer. Case in point, that if she would've never met Thor, and the hammer would not have the worthy inscription, she would never had an idea as to who was Thor. Thus, any insisting on her part shows her lack of authenticity on her part- for no one want to imitate someone to the point that she WOULD deny who she REALLY IS and usurp an identity that is not hers. It's not only an obsession, but it has gotten extremely close to a pathological level already.

6) Thus, Jane Foster is barred from Asgard forever... She's no longer a citizen of Asgard...