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Subj: Re: Would the Nine Realms be better off without the Dark Elves And Fire Demons?
Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 at 08:31:41 am EDT (Viewed 197 times)
Reply Subj: Would the Nine Realms be better off without the Dark Elves And Fire Demons?
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This is me playing devil's advocate, but is something I was looking for some other posters thoughts on.

Reading up on some films that postulate the idea that some groups of people (or a species in general) are so vile or hostile that mercy, understanding, and forgiveness are no longer sufficient/only enabling bad behavior by taking advantage of such traits and the only solution is the complete or near-complete destruction of said society or species. Basically, the universe would be better off without the entire group and letting them continue to live causing pointless suffering. This group only takes advantage of kindness, mercy and forgiveness without ever changing.

This is kind of common in sci-fi and fantasy. Orks, demons and Dalkes are some of the more famous examples.

My question, would the Nine Realms be better off if the Dark Elves and Fire Demons were rendered extinct?

Consider the following:

- Both groups have terrorized the Nine Realms since time immemorial by launching wars of aggression again and again.
- Both have shown absolutely no morals or limitations in the atrocities they are willing to commit.
- Both are dedicated not just to conquest, but outright extermination of other races for no reason other than they are not either Dark Elves or Fire Demons.
- Both races have a reputation for their murderous nature surpassing the other races.
- The other races, save perhaps the Giants, have not been shown near as aggressive or savage.
- Beating them back to their home realms time and again have done nothing to change their attitudes.

- The Fire Demon home realms is so inhospitable to non-native lifeforms that any sort of occupation is pretty much impossible.

- The Dark Elf culture is built on treachery and violence. Even the nicer ones of them are war-mongerers.

- The Dark Elves willingly made their leader a madman who committed genocide against his own people and whose track record would mean war and atrocities against the other realms. They supported him even after Thor had an opportunity to stop him. That makes many of these Dark Elves accomplices in Makelith's crimes.

- According to some modern morality, any sort of occumpation or conquest of the Dark elf and fire demons realms to forcible change their cutlure is wrong.

Taking all of this into consideration (and anything I may have missed) what is the solution to the Dark Elves and Fire Demons? Is it a case where the Nine Realms would be better off without them? At what point is enough enough with the the horrors these races cause and the other realms put an end to it one way or another?

Writing an entire race or culture as "evil" is inherently lazy story writing. All groups, all people, have good and bad within them. I was never a fan of D&D writing the entire Drow race, for example, as "evil" - logically, such a society would have a very difficult time existing over an extended period of time.

So, my question is - are you advocating for a genocide of these races, where heroic characters go around and murder Dark Elf and Fire giant children for the "greater good"? Or are you advocating for the writers to create some kind of natural disaster that leads to them being wiped out?

No offense, but I have no interest in seeing Thor cave in the skull of an infant with Mjolnir because it MIGHT grow up into something evil.