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Subj: Dark Elves and Fire Demons are more dangerous than giants and trolls.
Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 at 06:10:12 pm EDT (Viewed 155 times)
Reply Subj: Why those two specifically? Why not the trolls? The frost giants? They are also very belligerent.
Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 at 01:34:46 am EDT (Viewed 184 times)

Giants are strong...and that is about it.  Numerous stories have shown them to be kind of stupid: low-level of social organization, weak magic,  simplistic battles strategies and prone to random acts of violence.   Even their great king Laufey is little more than a brute.  Giants like Utgard-Loki are a rare exception.  Large groups may go on the rampage ever now and then, but to my knowledge they have never presented a threat to all life in the realms or try to exterminate it.  Most of the time Thor can handle them on his own.

Trolls are about the same except sometimes they have developed some advance technology. 

Both are dangerous and things one might wish to get rid of completely if your family was killed by them, but they are for the most part manageable. 

Now, compare that to Dark Elves and giants.

What the Dark Elves lack in strength they make up for in magic and intelligence.  They have intentionally tried to destroy all life in the realms several times.  Unlike giants or trolls they are actually intelligent enough to comprehend all they are doing...and they do it anyway.

Then you have Fire Demons.  They are unified, fanatical, powerful, and possess advanced technology.  Surtur is pretty much a complete immortal as powerful as Odin, and highly intelligent.  Surtur desires to set all life on fire and the fire demons are his army.   When active, the Fire Demons are probably the greatest threat in all the nine realms.

    And even if they can annihilate an entire race, no one has any moral ascendancy to do so. Isn't that what Loki tried to do in the first Thor movie (to annohilate the entire Jotunheim)? Didn't Thor rightfully defended the right to life, even those who are evil?

I would say there was a difference.  As Movie Odin pointed out, the Jotuns were contained to Jotunheim.  They were still living in the wreckage of the last war.  Thor on his own slew a great many of them.  There had been an uneasy peace for a thousand years.  They on their own did not strike me as a threat.  Only the greater trouble they could cause for an old and weak Odin.  So there was no need to destroy them.

For the Dark Elves and Fire Demons, two societies that are hellbent on destroying others with no regard to any rules of war and do not appear to be able to be contained....what is the price in Light Elf, Vanir, and Aesir blood it is worth especially if they insist on starting these wars time and time again when the other realms only want to live in peace without war?  

Surtur destroyed an entire GALAXY and who knows how many races.  He is more than willing to destroy the nine realms.  He only needs to succeed once now that the Ragnarok cycle is broken.  He is determined to do so.  What is the price of that threat hanging over the heads of the realms?

In the first Thor film yes Thor did stop Loki.   But against the more dangerous Dark Elves Bor was credited with their extinction.  Thor finished off the race.  I don't recall anybody being torn up over it.