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Subj: Re: It is the Batman/Joker, Doctor/Dalek, Odin/Nastrond, Future Old Thor/Jotun question
Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 at 06:34:39 pm EDT (Viewed 201 times)
Reply Subj: Re: It is the Batman/Joker, Doctor/Dalek, Odin/Nastrond, Future Old Thor/Jotun question
Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 at 07:30:50 pm EDT (Viewed 253 times)

    Daleks are just another example, however, of lazy writing.

I wouldn't always call it lazy writing. The show has gone out of its way to show Daleks why they are the way they are...and it makes sense.

I think it is more of a case of simplistic writing. Some forms of entertainment are to make you think. Others are for escapism. People want their heroes to be good and their villains to be evil without always getting bogged down in the moral quagmires that exist in real life. Other times it a limit of some sort on how much time you have to tell a story.]

    You're asking a crap ton of questions, and my question in return is simply - is it something you want to READ? This is a comic book. Do you want to read about those kinds of events? Do you want to see Spider-Man running around, snapping children in half while the Hulk rips the arms off the elderly? Yeah, they might be evil - but it's not a good narrative.

Do I want Spider-Man and other heroes running around like violent psychopaths ripping heads off? No, that is one reason I have not a fan of Garth Ennis. But I do think there is a place for stories that explore questions of violence and a more violent setting. Marvel's Thor is usually portrayed as a more straight-foward, clean-cut good guy. Writers tend to downplay his violent past, the beings he has killed, or the fact Mjolnir is meant to be a lethal weapon.

Jason Aaron opened the door to all of this when he started his long "War Is Hell" story. I figured a Thor comic discussion board would be a good place to discuss these questions he has raised. How does Thor balance his noble ideals and desire to protect against the harsh realities of war? Especially now that he does not have the armies of Asgard to rely upon? Is a more bloody War Thor necessary to win this conflict without dragging it out for years on in? It is worth it to deploy Ultimate Mjolnir as a WMD against the Dark Elves and Fire Demons to end toe war quickly and save as many Light Elves and Dwarves as possible? Especially since those two are the ones who started it, have their own people indoctrined, and hold to no rules of war? Is the idea of "honorable warfare" worth the cost in lives and blood of dragging it out?

    The point is, a good writer would write stories that would make YOU, the reader, question the idea. If you consider it a good idea to wipe out a race, then that writer is not doing a good job.

Then Jason Aaron is not doing a good job. He has spent several years showing the Dark Elves and Fire Demons as complete monsters that either willingly go along with this or are complicit with the war crimes of their leaders. He has shown both races to be not that different from the Daleks...a threat to all life that the universe would in all likelihood be better off without.

That said, I do think this is a story where the writer (Jason Aaron) Has been lazy. He keeps injecting modern ideas into an archaic high-fantasy story and just expects the reader to go along with it without bothering to fully explore it. Gods across the universe regardless of culture, skin tone, race, concept or creed are all jerks that mortals are better off without except he has never explored it from their point of view or addressed the MASSIVE elephant in the room that is Thor, or Hercules, or pre-character assassination Odin, or a number of other gods in general. He injects Democracy in the story to say it is better except does not bother to flesh it out so we don't know that the Congress of Worlds actually does. He injects modern feminism into a story only by derailing Odin, Thor and Asgardian culture in general. He builds up War Thor as the ultimate badass who is needed to end the war...only with no development at all claim he is some nutcase who is going to destroy the nine realms. And he keeps interrupting the flow of the story to highlight how great Jane is and how right she is at everything.

Worse, he has had time to address all of this. He only has chosen not to.

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