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Subj: Re: And killing monsters is usually considered a good thing...
Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 at 04:23:50 am EDT (Viewed 173 times)
Reply Subj: And killing monsters is usually considered a good thing...
Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 at 06:12:18 pm EDT (Viewed 168 times)

    Vampires are usually portrayed as a threat to humans because they murder them for blood and typically have no regard for human life. That is one reason Blade is a hero. Destroying all vampires is usually considered a good thing.

In the comics, vampires are undead things without soul which shouldn't be around. Thus, even though nobody is aware of it, vampire hunters are actually performing a public service by sending them to their grave.

In the Blade movies, there was a secret war of the species with the vampires secretly trying to submit the humans and Blade was the daywalker stuck in the middle. The vampire hunters were some kind of secret group of resistants trying to stop the vampires from succeeding.


    Dark Elves and Fire Demons have not been shown that different in the threat they pose and disregard for life.

Dark Elves have a country, a civilization and a culture. They have women & children. Not all of them are warriors.
Obliterating them all would be the equivalent of a genocide and an atomic bombing.
Nothing suggests that they should deserve such a fate, even though they attacked Asgard multiple times.

I don't know if Fire Demons are supposed to be some kind of animals or if they could be considered intelligent people. Sometimes, I have the feeling that only Surtur has a mind & personality.
Just like Mephisto, Surtur might be nearly unkillable.
It is one thing to stop him from invading Asgard.
It is another to kill him on his own territory.