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Subj: Galactus and Celestials are different cases.
Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 at 08:20:55 pm EDT (Viewed 153 times)
Reply Subj: Going by your line of reasoning...then might as well kill Galactus or all the Celestials or Thanos.
Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 at 04:25:53 am EDT (Viewed 162 times)

    ivSure, Galactus is not technically "evil" as he is just surviving by killing billions by consuming planets...but at the same time, he doesn't really care whether he destroys a race or not. He thinks everone is beneath his concern, and he will just consume an inhabited world over an uninhabited one if it meant that it will satisfy his hunger more. He is  an amoral being who devastates entire solar systems, galaxies, thousands or millions of worlds in his mad attempt to satiate his never ending hunger. And yet Reed Richards saved his life.

Galactus is by all accounts a higher being who does what he does to survive.  He does not do it out of maliciousness like Malekith.   Galatctus has been known to even try to find ways to eliminate his hunger or tried to avoid colonized worlds, but it never works.  It has been stated and shown time and time again that for one reason or another the universe is better off with Galactus than killing him.  Not helping matters are mortals colonizing or destroying so many worlds.

    Celestials judge worlds whether they live or die. They experiment on countless races just because. They can wipe out worlds with a mere gesture. Should we exterminate all of them as well?

The Celestials are intended to be higher beings who function as a type of gods to the gods.  There experiments empowers mortal races giving them a better chance to survive in an extremely hostile universe.  Their judgement has never been made clear on what criteria they use.   Thor once tried to prevent the Celestials judgment of the planet Pangoria only for it to be revealed the Celestials only removed the evil elements and turned the planet itself into a paradise.   Overall, it has been suggessted the Celestial goals are benevolent and seek to encourage the evolution and development of life across the universe.

Last time I checked, Malakeith was neither a higher being, he did not do what he did out of survival nor are his intentions benevolent.

    Thanos has actually killed half the population of the universe just to please his love Death. He continually aspire absolute power in order to...
    just for abdolute power's sake. He should be put down like the dog he is.

I actually cannot see a reason why Thanos should be spared.  He is too powerful and intelligent to contain.  He seeks to destroy just because.  By the standards of his own kind he is an insane evil monster worse than the Celestials or Galactus.  He is the type monster Thor should hunt down and destroy.

    Not all Elves are warriors. Not all of them kill. Killing is only justified for self-defense. If you exterminate an entire race for the actions of Malekith and his warriors, that is genocide. That's why Thor stopped Loki in the first movie. Not because of that truce between Asgard and Jotunheim. Killing an entire race is wrong.

What if you stop short of wiping out the whole race and only destroying enough to destroy their will and ability to make war?  That is the problem War Thor faces.  War Thor has no vast army to fight and occupy the enemy country.  It is pretty much him with the WMD that is Ultimate Mjolnir.  Aside from him there are only a couple of other Thors who have their own issues and the small League of Realms.

Is it better to draw the war out in a years long struggle letting more light elves and dwarves be killed instead of ending it quickly in a couple of decisive blows?   What if the the Thors are captured or killed?  There goes most of the good guys war effort.

    As for the fire Demons, Surtur is the most dangerous by far, and is far more powerful than all the other fire demons combined....should we kill all pesky fire demons just because Surtur is a raging  multiversal arsonist? Odin could have killed Surtur, but always choose to imprison him...because killing one who is already down is murder, and wrong.

The Fire Demons have shown themselves complicit in his wars and an eagerness to burn everyone including their own allies.  About the only saving grace is however they or their society is built they require a strong leader before they act. 

As for Surtur, I was under the impression that one reason Odin imprisoned Surtur is Surtur is pretty much completely immortal or at the very least shown an uncanny ability to cheat death.  Imprisoning him is a way to keep an eye on him.  Otherwise, I could see Asgard executing Surtur since it still has the death penalty.