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To answer your questions in the asked order:
No they were recently in Loki Agent of Asgard so I don’t think they’ve beeen retconed out
There probably is a Ragnarok cycle still because Marvel wants that Thor Ragnarok money to makes it way to their comics
I’d say yes since it’s appeared multiple times in the comics and Jane randomly doing this was used by Straczynski to “free” her of this so that she could be used for future stories. I doubt Aaron would waste a perfectly good excuse to ignore an important male character. I forgot about that and I am so happy that you reminded me so that I bring this up to all the non Thor fans who can’t fathom why Jane is a horrible person
I think Balder became king in the Angela Queen of Hel series, but I never actually read it for obvious reasons
I recommend an assassin, I think that with all the money we Thor fans have saved from not buying modern Marvel comics we could afford one. (To anyone who overreacts this is a joke, not a death threat)

Thanks! But wasnt agent of asgard before secret wars? It just doesnt make sense if we have ragnarok cycles how is Odin 1,000,000 years old? And this doesnt appear to be him from a previous cycle......

I stayed away from Angela queen of hel myself.

And total agree, Jane is a horrible person!