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Subj: Aaron is Fraction 2.0
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    1. Did anyone else find the segue from frail Jane Foster confronting War Thor, unarmed and begin to talk him down from his ragequest, to suddenly warhammer discarded and Volstagg crying on her shoulder - a story scene fail and missed opp for a needed dramatic scene?

Agreed. I thought it was the beginning of a dramatic scene but it turned out to be the end.

    3. Kudos for Thor for telling readers where - but why did he blindly send to the dimension of Asgard and how would that be an ideal place to merely dump this incredible artifact in an MU where the mere knowledge of the location of say, an Infinity Stone is could start cosmic chaos? Also, this whole time readers have been on edge of seats to see if/when he (could) lift it and all we see him (have to) do is shout a command to the warhammer? Hmmph.

    Agreed. Were we really supposed to intuit that Odinson just magically had control over Ultimate Mjolnir? And yeah, the Asgard dimension doesn't seem like the safest place.

but Aaron's crap sucks from go and Fraction didn't need SWJ stunts, but he did start all the All-Mother and "Asgardia" garbage.