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Subj: I totally agree with your sentiments and concern...
Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 at 01:44:21 pm EDT (Viewed 228 times)
Reply Subj: A lot of people here seemed worried this movie would be blah...
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    I think that one thing is absolutely clear.

    The branch of Marvel making movies knows what works...these people are master craftsmen at work. At worst we get an enjoyable movie overall (like Thor 2 or the Hulk) at best we get epic master works (Iron Man 1 Avengers 1 GotG 1). This one is looking to me like it will join the Masterwork looks so absolutely fantastic!

Other than Iron Man, Marvel Studios started out completely formula. I believe they had a certain vision and direction they wanted to go in, and restricted many of the writers and directors freedoms. Now that they are on track and have a foundation laid, they are allowing a little more freedom for the creators of a particular film. The Russo brothers have made the two best Marvel Studios movies IMO, Captain America The Winter Soldier and Captain America Civil War. I've been following most of the Thor Ragnarok production and it seems like all the creators from the director to the actors feel that Marvel Studios really let them show their talents on a relaxed set. I watched a movie called 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' by the director Taika Waititi to get a sense of what his style was and I was completely impressed with the visuals, storytelling ability and humor. He said he stuck to his usual style so I have tremendous faith in this film will truly be a Masterwork.

    They know what made Marvel great and have distanced themselves from the current block of terrible writing that is now Marvel.

It took me a while to realize that it's best that the comics and movies don't completely reflect one another. However, I still believe that the creators of the films must still stay true to the characteristics and personality traits of any said character, that have made them last for decades, but without restricting growth

    I admit I am worried that we will be oversaturated and that the bottom will fall out at any moment...I worry each time I go to a new Marvel movie...and each time I am very happily surprised that at worst I get a fun to watch movie...and sometimes something so much more enjoyable...they just haven't let me down yet and I am so looking forward to first this movie and then Black Panther and then Avengers 3 next year.

I can't wait for BP and Avengers 3. As long as Marvel remembers that they can fit into any type of genre, and that these movies are supposed to be exciting, compelling, adventurous, mythological, strange, weird, incredible, amazing, etc... but without getting "too" serious, they have a winning formula. I think they need to find more creators that are fans of the comics like the Russo brothers were or creators who willingly want to work within Marvel's vision like Taika Waititi.

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