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    Introducing an additional pantheon would undercut how they've presented Asgard and the 9 realms in the MCU. The multiple pantheons are a mess in the comics so I don't see how bringing that into the movies is in any way a good idea.

'Asgard' is destroyed and having additional pantheons will be no more difficult than introducing new planets in something like Guardians of the Galaxy.

Hercules has always been a fan favourite and he would in many ways work like Hulk in Ragnarok crossed with the original naivety of Thor when he first comes to Earth.

Herc could be a good 'foil' for Masterson-Thor. Herc is an over-confident braggart, bit thick and a womaniser, Eric is unsure of himself, though smart and is losing custody of his son and so forth.

So you have the contrast between the godly and the human; confident vs. unsure, stupid vs. smart, good with women vs. failing with women etc.

    Now an exploration into divine archetypes and how the 'gods' of Asgard were perceived by other cultures would be interesting. The Greeks seeing Thor as Zeus, Odin as Hermes, etc. The Indians seeing Indra as Thor, Hela as get the idea. But to open the door to multiple pantheons would just muddy the waters.

I think your suggestion deviates far to widely from the comics and its a bit insulting to other faiths to suggest Thor is automatically THEIR hero of legend.



    Time travel? Maybe but I just don't see the need. It rarely works.

It worked well at the end of Dr Strange.

    As for Gladiator, he could work when/if the MCU brings in the X-men but not through Thor.

Or they could just introduce the Shi-Ar in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, then expand upon it in future movies like Thor or the Avengers.



    With Seth we again have the problem of multiple pantheons.

Which personally I don't think is a problem. Although thinking about it, an already destroyed Asgard limits Seth's storylines.

    Skurge was so undercut in the last film that the Bloodaxe would have to come from somewhere else.

The movie Bloodaxe was created by Hela, explaining its desire to kill.


      His 4th movie would involve the return of the 'real' Thor (new actor by this stage) and could tell the Thunderstrike/Bloodstrike saga.

    The Masterson arc just doesn't fly in the movie universe in my opinion. DeFalco wanted to write a Spiderman story into Thor (the everyman) and the MCU is just getting their Spidey off the ground. Again, muddying they waters.

I disagree. Masterson was a FATHER in the middle of a DIVORCE.

Spidey is a KID in SCHOOL.


You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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