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Subj: Re: Favorite TV Show villains?
Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 at 11:24:43 am CDT (Viewed 886 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Favorite TV Show villains?
Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 at 09:17:03 pm CDT (Viewed 917 times)



      Some of my favorites.


        Gul Dukat (Star Trek DS9)
        Weyounn (DS9)
        Kai Winn (DS9)
        Brunt (DS9)
        Female Shapeshifter (DS9)
        The Intendent (DS9)

      I didn't really like the female shapeshifter for some reason. Maybe it's just that whole "it's for your own good" game that she played on Odo, I hate when villains do that, I'd rather they just said they're doing it for themselves and screw y'all.

I really liked her. Garak asks her in one episode about some missing Cardassian ships and she more or tells him she's going to kill everyone on Cardassia. And even though they later become her allies she does more or less make good on her promise in the series finale.

Another bit of hers I liked was she told Weyounn she'd give up the whole Alpha Quadrant if it meant Odo returned home. That told me she puts her people over her people's goals.

    I liked the rest. Brunt was more of a pest than a villain but it was a pleasure to see him cross swords with Quark.

I loved his oafish villainy. Another Ferengi I loved was Quark's cousin Gaila who showed up twice. He somehow made Ferengi's look bad.

    Kai Winn was so easy to hate, but Dukat was somehow able to draw sympathy and had a charm even though you knew he was a horrible person.

I LOOOOOOVED Kai Winn. I know some people hated her but I always loved when she showed up. She was a great soap opera type villainess.


      Lore (Star Trek TNG)

    It was great to see Spiner take on another role but I don't think Lore broke out of "evil twin" enough. The best one was when they met Noonien Soong because Lore actually got emotional and you could see that he cared about something (even if briefly).

        Ben Linus (Lost)

      Like Dukat, I sometimes found myself liking the guy even though he did such horrible things. Hey, he actually got a happy ending in the sideways.

      I like Ben. I hated the Others with the exception of him and a couple others.


          Gaius Baltar (Battlestar Galactica)
          Caprica Six (BSG)

        It took me a few tries to get through this series, it was inconsistent. There is a lot to like in there but also a lot of crap to sift through.

    What I couldn't get over is: in the first miniseries Baltar has a chance to steal the old blind lady's seat on the escape ship to save his own life but doesn't, presumably because he's a good person; but later when he has to prove he has the working Cylon detector he frames who he thinks is an innocent to save his own skin. Talk about inconsistent!

No no I think it works for who he is. Gaius wants to be good but he's too selfish. He doesn't revel in being evil. I can relate to that. He doesn't like doing horrible things but he's going to do what he has to in order to survive or get what he wants. He's happy to do something generous if it costs him nothing. There was something right before he was interrogated in season 3 where he mentions a lab assistant who was Gemonese that he got a passport for, introduced the guy to his wife and was godfather to their baby. Baltar being inconsistent was itself consistent. He was an ok guy (a bit smug) that did horrible stuff.

    Adama was so stupid. You have an enemy who are indistinguishable from your own people, so you task only one scientist with coming up with a detector, and hope he's not one of the enemy? Why not a team of scientists? Whoever comes up with the device, show the others how it works. Doesn't Baltar even admit later that it doesn't really work, and they still trust him? Baltar talks to himself, acts like a complete headcase, and no one ever notices or comments on it. He even becomes President! I never even knew if he was supposed to be a good guy or bad. I don't think the writers did either. I don't think it was clear by the end of the series.

I think that all worked. He was more a weasel than an outright villain. I think in season 2 he was pretty villainous. Season 4 he was trying to find some redemption.


    Walter White (Breaking Bad)
    Loved Gus and Walter. I probably liked Walter more, he was scrappy, he was able to talk himself out of anything. He could really pull stuff out of his ass. A lot of gumption. I didn't really understand the whole conversation during the series of "when he was going to break bad" or "when you stopped sympathizing with Walt" because I thought his transition from hero to villain happened in the first episode when he decided to start a criminal endeavor. Especially in the second episode when he has to kill the guy in his basement and then decides to continue in the meth business.

The truth is the demarcation point for when he "broke bad" and became irredeemable was different from viewer to viewer (which was oddly brilliant to pull off).

Some people finished the show and still saw Walt was the good guy and rationalized he did everything he had to do for his family. Others like you saw he was the villain almost from the very beginning. Others like me swallowed a lot of what Walt did and rooted for him until one moment or other really soured us on Walt.

For me I was rooting for him until we found out he poisoned Brock. Every thing he did before that I could live with (I know that makes me sound awful). Strangling the drug dealer, killing the gang members, letting Jane choke on her own vomit, even killing Gale to make himself indispensable to Gus. I was cool with every bit of that and thought everyone who Walt crushed on his way to glory would have done the same to him or in Gale's case should have done the same but was too stupid to do so. Brock was a true innocent. So for me after Walt defeated his arch enemy Gus he became the villain of the story. Gus killed Brock's teenage uncle I think...Walt had to become like Gus to beat Gus.

    Didn't see the rest.

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