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Funny names posted on another forum:


    Killer Crack, Batman
    Brainiest, Superman
    Black Shazam, Captain Marvel
    Gorilla Gregg, The Flash
    Darksight, Superman
    Atrocious, Green Lantern
    Cat Starr, Green Lantern
    Twin-Face, Batman
    Strawman, Batman
    Panthera, Wonder Woman
    General Zed, Superman
    Mister Frost, The Flash
    Pain, Batman
    Jester, Batman
    Mister Sinister, Green Lantern
    Black Manatee, Aquaman
    Deadpool, Batman
    Race al-Pol, Batman
    King Luther, Superman
    Reverso, Superman
    Question, Batman
    Pelican, Batman

The point of post is to show the disparaging percentage of Rogue Gallery members that don't belong to either Batman, Superman, GL, or Flash. At least WW, Aquaman and Cap each get 1/22. What about all the other DC heroes? If it's a popularity contest who might be the next few villains that should be included, in this group shot, for their recognition factor?

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Killer Croc - Batman
Braniac - Superman
Black Adam (headless) - Shazam/Captarin Marvel
Gorilla Grodd - Flash
Darkseid - Superman (the new Gods actually or maybe the whole DCU)
Atrocitus (and Dex-Starr on his shoulder) - Green Lantern
Solomon Grundy (ripped sleeve off camera) - Alan Scott technically but pretty much anyone now

Mr Freeze - (off camera. 95% sure. ) - Batman
Bane - center of pic - Batman
Deathstroke - Batman/everyone
Ra's Al Ghul - Batman
Riddler - (half visible) - Batman

Poison Ivy (ff camera, can see her leg) - Batman
Two-Face - Batman
Scarecrow - Batman
Zod - Superman
Captain Cold - Flash
Joker - Batman
Sinestro - Green Lantern
Black Manta - Aquaman
Lex Luthor - Superman
Bizzarro - Superman
Penguin - Batman

Cheetah - Wonder Woman
Catwoman - Batman

(NB : Clayface, Harley Quinn, Deadshot & Reverse Flash also appear on the full picture.)

Classic Rogues : besides Captain Cold, villains such as Captain Boomerang (because of the Suicide Squad movie), Heatwave (because of the TV series), Trickster, Weather Wizard & Mirror Master

Gentleman Ghost because of his unique appearance.

Bronze Age Ultra-Humanite (because nobody can forget an albino gorilla with a kirby-like costume once you saw it)

Giganta because she often appears in cartoons.

Hector Hammond & Dr. Polaris : two of the classic GL villains, even though they don't appear anymore as often as they used to.

The Parasite & Metallo because they are some of the well-known Superman foes.

Star Sapphire (since Catwoman & Harley Quinn are included) : before Geoff Johns, she was a GL villain during decades.

Mad Hatter because he is one of the well-known Batman foes.

Dr. Light, Psycho-Pirate, Amazo, Starro & Queen Bee because they are some of the well-known DC villains.

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