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Subj: Re: Walking Dead march 26th
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    Hilltop mayor almost decides to kill Maggie, then is nearly killed by Walkers and saved by Maggie. Other Hilltop folk watch as they Mayor loses his lunch over the attack. He later decides to contact the Saviors and get their help to maintain his authority.

Poor scummy Gregory. He's so worthless. This is who I would probably be in the zombie apocalypse if I'm being honest.

    Rick and crew raid Oceanside for their guns and to ask them to join.

    The leader of Oceanside refuses, her grand daughter knocks her out, some of Oceanside's people want to fight but some don't.

I was kind of hoping to never see this whiny lesbian militia cult again. The actresses are horrible particularly the annoying leader. Still better than the chick with the awful haircut from the junkyard cult I guess...but still just awful.

    Some barnacle coated walkers emerge from the forest and Rick's people and some of Oceanside take them down.

    Rick and crew then take all the guns and ammo, and in a bad strategic move take them all back to Alexandria. Oceanside's people will not join them, as they move and fight as one.

    It is a bad idea to bring all their new guns back to Alexandria as the Saviors may come on a supply raid.

    They find Dwight has come to Alexandria and he states he wants to help them. Rick pulls his gun on Dwight and tells him to get on his knees. Also they need to restrain Daryl \:\)

Dwight's about the only interesting Savior...including Negan.

    So it turns out that it was Dwight we saw at end of last week as Rosita was trying to get away.

    Meanwhile Sasha is nearly raped in her cell, Negan kills the guy and leaves him and his bowie knife with her and tells her he respects her courage and gives her some choices:

    1. Kill herself with the knife
    2. Let the dead rapist reanimate and kill her
    3. use the knife to stop him from reanimating and then join the Saviors.

I'm hoping Sasha kills Eugene not Negan. The traitor needs to die.

    Eugene later visits her before the guy reanimates and he makes it clear that he joined the Saviors to stay alive, nothing more. he also encourages her to join them.

    Later they check on her and she has prevented the guy from reanimating and wants to join. Negan is pleased, however Negan also says "A little birdie tells me that Rick is up to no good".

    Okay. So maybe Eugene has been telling things to Negan, or Negan has some scouts keeping an eye on Rick (Smart move), or Negan is just fishing for info. Or else the Hilltop Mayor has been talking.

I'm thinking one of the useless Alexandrians has been talking. Like that guy who Carol was banging whose name I never learned.

    Later, Sasha asks Eugene to get her something so that she can kill herslef. Eugene complies but we must wait until next week to see what happens.

    So...if one stops to think about it, Rick and his crew were no better then the Saviors in this episode as far as their raid on Oceanside.

    Yes they gave them the choice to fight with them.

    Yes they are doing this to survive against the Saviors

    Yes they "promised" to return the guns after the war is over. (yeah.....not seeing that one happening)

    Yes, they took all the guns and ammo, leaving them defenseless except for knives.

Eugene is a survivor, and a coward. right now he knows the Saviors are the winning team so he is with them. He also does not appear to have given information about Rick and crew so calling him a traitor doean't feel right, at least not yet.

He is surviving the only way he can.

Gregory: he knows the score and knows that they dont have the numbers or the guns even if Hilltop merges with Alexandria. the fact that he wants to kill Maggie however puts him on the need to perish list. Maggie should run Hilltop.

Oceanside, they had their chance and refused it. Also I can't see Rick and crew returning the weapons after the war. I do however think that some Oceansiders will join them, either that or they get overrun by Walkers.

Now we need to have Ezekiel show that the Kingdom is ready to unite with Alexandria and get Carol and Morgan into the fight.

As to who is warning Negan, that is a good question. However if Negan really knew what Rick was doing, he and Lucille would be having words with Rick.

Eugene may have slipped some info
Negan may have scouts keeping an eye on Rick which makes tactical sense.
Negan may be getting info from Hilltop Mayor
I cant see anyone from Alexandria ratting out Rick after what happened with the pool game \:\)
It could be that one of the Junkions has contact with Negan
or Negan is suspicious based on the fact that Daryl escaped and can't be found.

As to Sasha, she is a good fighter and sniper, but I wouldn't miss the character

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