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Subj: I can't believe only women are allowed to see Wonder Woman and no men are allowed to see it anywhere in any theater ever.
Posted: Mon May 29, 2017 at 04:48:14 pm EDT (Viewed 11 times)
Reply Subj: Oh, so good to know women can fight for their rights but men can't.
Posted: Mon May 29, 2017 at 11:57:38 am EDT (Viewed 242 times)

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Oh really? If the shoe was on the other foot, I guarantee you that women everywhere would be just as upset, if not more so, over this than the men crying foul over this. Why is it whenever women do this sort of thing, they are right and men are wrong while being told to 'grow up' and 'get over yourselves'? What?! All of a sudden men aren't allowed to fight for their rights while women can if they are not treated equally? That's bullcrap and you know it Kon. Men have EVERY right to be upset over this just as women would if they were the ones being left out. Every. Single. Right. And how dare you presume you think that men don't have that right and that you know better than they do about weather they have a right to be angry or not over this. Men have EVERY right because this whole thing IS sexist. And in that regard, it is pretty ridiculous because we shouldn't live in a world like that, but unfortunately we do. We live in a world where women can fight for their rights but the moment men aren't treated equally, men are the bad guys and can't fight for their rights and we get judged by it if they get upset. Good to know.

One last thing. I have a right to my opinion, if you don't like it then don't read it. If you want us to 'get over ourselves' and to 'grow up' then isn't the real problem you instead of us? I was simply expressing an opinion, your the one who decided to resort to petty insults by telling us to get overselves, grow up and calling us petty. Take care of your own problem before you take care of ours. We aren't the ones who resorted to insults and we have EVERY right to express our opinion on this matter. You want to do that as well, fine. Then do it without resorting to petty insults.

It's one movie chain that has a showing for a particular group of people. It's called Ladies Night and they always advertise it with romantic films and such (like Dirty Dancing Night was last month). They have that all the time in movie theaters. The only reason people are focusing on it because men, who have a lot of media already produced for them and a lot of movie theaters showing the movie for them, are hurt because it is an action movie. I mean, where were the guys outrage at the Dirty Dancing Ladies Night?

Seriously, there are plenty of other things to be upset about. But not being able to see one movie at one particular movie theater at one particular time (note that other times are perfectly available) is ridiculous and stupid.

You both are being ridiculous and stupid.

Why? Because it's like men wanting to go a Mommy and Me special viewings where they only want Women and children to attend. It would be like Women wanting to go to the Daddy and Me special viewings of movies or people without children going to the Families viewings of movies.

You have the right to your opinion. But out of ALL the stupid and horrific things out there to actually be worried about when it comes to sexism or racism or what have you, this is the least important. It's not like they're rounding up men who are sneaking into watching Wonder Woman and beating them. One movie theater decided to do a gimmicky thing with a movie that actually makes sense for the gimmick (i.e. Wonder Woman is a female empowerment super hero about Amazons living on an island of all women, so why not have a showing that has just that).

Now again, if people are beating you for buying a Wonder Woman ticket, then let's talk. If someone denies you a ticket because of your race or your gender or your sexuality for any other showing, then let's talk. Something is totally wrong with that movie theater you're going to. But what it comes down to is this: Does having a showing for "women only" affect you buying a ticket to watch the movie at the time you want? No. Move on and buy another ticket in another theater. It's that simple. It's like the least sexist thing to worry about.

Don't be jerks. Some things aren't for meant for you. Deal with that.

- l.k.

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