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Subj: Re: Finally saw the movie -
Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 at 11:59:12 am EDT (Viewed 271 times)
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    What made the movie work for me was first and foremost Gal Gadot. She was absolutely tremendous. Truly iconic.

I thought she was very good, like Chris Evans in Captain America she played a very goody-goody character without seeming like Dudley Do-Right.

    Second was the action scenes. I loved them. That technique of coming to a complete stop, waiting a beat, then resuming at normal speed was highly effective.

I thought that was way overused. Once or twice in a sequence is about all you can get away with. 15 times in a row is too much. Different hits should have different amounts of impact.

    Third was World War I. To set a movie in World War I was such a treat for me. I admit I was surprised by the unapologetic portrayal of the Germans as villains. But it worked for me. In real life they were certainly the aggressors.

    Fourth was the faith question. I never believed the German general was Ares, which made it poignant to see Diana so convinced she was right that he was. Steve Trevor never believed it either, and I was sure he was right, which set up an unusual dynamic where the star of the movie is wrong and the main secondary character is right. (That rarely happens.)

I thought it made her seem quite naive to assume that just because you kill a general, whether he's Ares or not, the troops would all suddenly stop fighting. I get that she doesn't understand things about man's world but this made it seem like she doesn't understand combat which is what she had been training for her whole life.

    Fifth was Steve's heroic death. Since he lived during World War I, he was never going to be alive in the modern day unless sci-fi or magical measures were taken, and I'm glad the decision instead was to let him be dead, but to make his death mean something. Oh, and Chris Pine, whom I had totally enjoyed previously as Captain Kirk, was very different as Steve Trevor, and impressive. It was great to have a movie where the star was the main hero but not the only hero.

That was the problem, you could predict his death for purely franchise reasons: "Logically he won't be around for the next installment anyway so he serves no further purpose." I don't get their whole plot contrivance with the plane anyway. They can't shoot it down or blow it up on the ground because it will spread the gas but then he blows it up in the air anyway?

    Sixth were the Howling Commandos - uh, or whatever we should be calling them. Steve's buddies. I never expected a squad of morally grey antiheroes to be part of this movie. It was cool.

They were good.

    Seventh was Diana's godly power. It differentiates her from Superman in a new way, instead of her only real difference being the lasso. Concussive blasts and the ability to catch and return energy attacks are things the movie Superman can't do.

It was too vague and unexplained other than it was "the power to kill gods." No one ever tells her how to use it or what it is really. And she didn't really use it to kill Ares did she? I thought at the end it was lightning bolt from the sky so I assumed it was Zeus?

    Eighth was Etta Candy. Loved her.


I liked most of the movie until the last act. Didn't quite understand why Steve didn't want to act once they had the General and Dr. Poison in their sights. Then why Wonder Woman and Ares had a big punching battle. Sure he can teleport and shapeshift but I'll just punch him a bunch of times? Thirdly if they were going to sacrifice Steve they should have setup something better than what they did. Or if they wanted to do something different than Cap and Peggy Carter's ending they could have had Diana and Steve end up together and in the modern days she could look back on a lifetime they spent together, and he could still be dead.