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Subj: Far from perfect...
Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 at 06:37:31 pm EDT (Viewed 6 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Wonder Woman #25: "PERFECT" Anniversary Issue!
Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 at 10:25:54 am EDT (Viewed 264 times)

The issue actually pissed me off. lol

The art- are my eyes getting bad or did there seem to be different art styles within the same book? Diana did not look like Diana throughout the book. From her hair to her eyes; it seemed like there were a few 'Dianas'. I need my art to be consistent.

The plot- okay, Rucka was told to tie everything up in a nice bow before the new writer comes in and not to bother resolving some questions left since issue #1. I doubt that, as Rucka is a rather strong personality and he would have done things his way. Like Daveym...I'm left with almost as many questions as I had at #1.

Again, tell me if it's me. Diana is only a being of hope and grace because she carries the golden perfect at her side?!?! One of her 'toys' gets taken away from her and she acts like a child? "I deserved better'?!?! What Wonder Woman do you know ever says such a thing? The anger didn't seem to be so much from the 'abuse' of her faith, but because something precious from her was taken.

Also, is she like an addict and needs to be around the lasso in order to have a certain personality? To me it seemed that there was a fundamental personality shift BECAUSE she wasn't wearing the lasso. The degree of change wasn't evident in the previous issue (to me at least). Maybe mind is reading something that isn't there, but it just seemed so strange. Maybe Diana needed a few issues to process the lie that was told to her.

When the Fates started to explain all the wonders she had received, her demeanor softened, but it wasn't until she received her lasso back (and held it again after the patrons left) that she seemed to actually be happy. So is her love and grace dependent on being in rather constant contact with the lasso because it always provides her with the 'truth' of a situation?!? That she really doesn't have any internal joy in her life and believe humanity can learn a better way; that at her cores she's really no better than say Batman without her lasso?!

I feel punked. Unless I'm just projecting again.....