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Subj: Re: What happened to E1 Pre-Crisis WW?
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Reply Subj: Whatever happened to E1 Pre-Crisis WW?
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I know she was de-evolved to clay in COIE. . .then I have no idea.

Was this ever mentioned again?

No, while much has been said in print about whether the post-1986 Superman was a revised version of his Earth-1 self the fate of Wonder Woman was neither mentioned nor amended in the subsequent years. At the time though a popular theory did arise briefly that George Perez' Wonder Woman would have been cast from the very same clay that once constituted the Earth-1 Wonder Woman in much the same way that John Byrne showed the means of Chemo's surviving the Crisis on Infinite Earth's in that Action Comics issue... if it was indeed the case that this new Earth was a merged version of several worlds then logically the fate of Wonder Woman might have followed that of Chemo's example and given rise to a rebirth of Wonder Woman for a new Earth, a new era, and a new beginning.