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    No dead body for Steve=showing up again. Either some villain time travels him or his great grandson also played by Pine. But we saw him about to shot the bombs and then hesitate and then the plane blows up. He found a way out in that bit we didn't see (if they go that way).

You're probably right - but I hope not. I'd rather see the movies go off in some different direction now that the origin has been told.

In fact, I almost started reading Wonder Woman when I thought Azzarello was going to have her fall in love with Orion. Geoff Johns's Superman romance preempted everything else, and then ultimately went nowhere, which only strengthened my attitude of not bothering to follow the Wonder Woman comic. But the movies could do the Orion romance properly. Imagine! Wonder Woman II could introduce the New Gods! That would be a heck of a lot cooler than bringing back Steve Trevor.

I'm picking a time warp or travel rescue. Wonder Woman needs her love of her life.