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God I hated it !!!!

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Subj: Re: X-Men Blue #7: Waitaminnit !!!
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Reply Subj: X-Men Blue #7: Waitaminnit !!!
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X-Men Blue 007 (2017)

They're the houseguests that never leave. Sigh. After all this time (kinda literally) and no reason (or connections) to stay. Although, Laura and Romeo maaay argue the point. The gist of the story -for them- was twofold; 1: a POOR battle showing by a hodgepodge, albeit "welcome", new strike team of C-Listers (while Jean single handedly just survived a bout against the Wrecking Crew) and 2: they're among the few "free" American mutants with a back bone to stand against the fascist regime (even though their methods are... arguable based on reader information so far).

"Generally" speaking, this ish was... okay - more so for all the all the exposition we get on many forgotten and must see X-mutants since the Secret Empire Event began, heck, in some cases since Secret Wars last! Plus, the teaser ending with the overdue post-IvX talk between Emma and Scott is must read. There was lots of good art and lots of revealing dialogue per page. Last ish may've been a bit better but this one probably has much more to talk about. Here's a bunch of bullets that may spark a response...

• Just the umpteenth example of why ongoing name copying is 'dumb'. The "X-men" are in New Tian, the "X-men" are in the Darkforce Bubble, and the "x-Men" are freedom fighting in this issue. Each probably disapproving to the others methods but are lumped together - and for that reason, at this point regrettably, even calling Magneto's X-men the Blue and Kitty's the Gold makes no logical sense.

• Waitaminnit. When Cap brokered the New Tian deal didn't he tell Magneto it was only a PART of California and not the WHOLE state??

• Waitaminnit. Hellfire Goons are the Americops of New Tian and everyone is fine with it?? Thanks for nothing, Shaw.

• Waitaminnit. Jean has genuine qualms about freeing the undeserving prisoners along with the unduly incarcerated mutants on Alcatraz? Probably some BAD BAD people - but she does so anyways.

• Waitaminnit. Is that Random as prisoner?! If so, that means this is BEFORE his recent surprise appearance last weak as part of a team? Ugh! The Chronology Monster strikes S.E. again with it's serial mishmash. BTW: Who are Pinkhair and Lightsheath?

• Waitaminnit. Utopia is back?! Or is this a name copied island? Hope it's the latter but probably is the half submerged ruins now repurposed. Interesting name for the Capital... aww crap the free floating anti-grav architecture is back too. Once again mutants rubbing they're superior science in the face of the normal USA scientists. Guess maybe Magneto didn't help Forge and/or Madison set it up before, eh.

• Waitaminnit. When was the secret of White Queen revealed to be behind the Throne of New Tian?! Damn you, Marvel Reading Index! So, just the ruling council know or this is another thing that the mutant municipal masses are fine with??

• Waitaminnit. Didn't Cap broker that New Tian deal with Magneto? Presumably he approved but here he knows Emma is "in charge". But doesn't he hate her after IvX? AND he is trying to attack Capland now? Presumably Emma KNOWS he's alive but tells the council she only suspects - why again? 'Cuz fooling her friends are once again in her best interests?

• Waitaminnit. In ali the time leading up the exodus to California why didn't old Hank talk with young Hank about Nazi politics?? To be fair, oldie does claim to empathize with youngster.

• Waitaminnit. Why did they closeup on Xorn's mouth like that when he said "XAVIER IS DEAD." Could it be that he really... Nawww... *reads rest of book to Letters Page where the writer CONFIRMS Xavier IS coming back under his pen in an unexpected manner*... Waitaminnit! Does that mean...?!

• Waitaminnit. How did Emma track the O5 to Redwood National Park? A Cerebro? A TP scan? A POOR defensive grid of Magneto's secret base - coincidentally inside California? C'mon, that was a lazy plot device to move things along.

• Waitaminnit. Someone has to keep an eye on Briar? As in babysit (this time was Jimmy's turn)?!

• Waitaminnit. These specific mutants are cowtowing to HYDRA? Sigh. Good to see them. Remind me what's Mondo's claim to fame?

• WAITAMINNIT! SECONDARY MUTATIONS? Toad and Wolfsbane has THOSE now? UGH! The whole big fight was okay although it was ludicrous to use the word 'survivors' afterwards since no one was irreporably hurt. Not even Briar.

• WAITAMINNIT! ARCHANGEL motivation/cameo tease?! *does double take and then*... and THEN a HAVOK motivation/leadership tease too?! Okay, all those "waitaminnits" makes next issue a must read!

Support Cancer Research. Support Alzheimer Research.

[EDIT Jul13: Hopefully next issue answers stuff and ain't a bust. 1499959508176.jpg ;\) ]

Ok, I've just read the X-titles today. Seriously ?? What they did with Wolfsbane in X-Men Blue is bullshit + Firestar working for Emma makes no sens. Was that the famous return of the Hellions that I'm waiting for ? Then Bullshit again !!! And don't want to talk about the rest of the X-title, Jean Grey, Weapon-X, Generation-X, OML, even some guest in Amazing Spider-Man and Doctor Strange sucked to me !!!! Uncanny Avengers was probably the best to read this week.
Are they trying to ruin the New Mutants before the movie is finished ? First Sunspot, then Magma, now Wolfsbane. Cannonball will be the next !!
and the art didn't help.

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