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Subj: Re: When did Psylocke first meet Spider-Man?
Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 at 10:14:22 am EDT (Viewed 202 times)
Reply Subj: Re: When did Psylocke first meet Spider-Man?
Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 at 08:59:07 am EDT (Viewed 189 times)


      I have a quick question about Psylocke's continuity. I recently realized that while I remember a lot about the things she did within the X-Men titles during the 1980s, 1990s, and well into the 2000s, I know precious little about her interactions with Marvel's non-mutant superheroes who almost never appear in the X-books. I'm hoping there's a diehard Psylocke fan on here who remembers more than I do. Here's what I'd like to know:


        1. When was the first time that Psylocke and Spider-Man (meaning Peter Parker; not any other "Spider-Man" character) were clearly in the same place, at the same time, during a published comic book story?

      2. When was the first time that Psylocke and Spider-Man (Peter Parker) actually were shown having a conversation in any published comic book story? (Even just saying to each other: "Hello, I'm Spider-Man," and "Pleased to meet you -- I'm Psylocke," and then getting interrupted by the need to help twenty other heroes go fight Doctor Doom or something, would still qualify as a "conversation!")

    There may have been an earlier meeting, but this is what comes to mind.

    Spider-Man Team-Up #1 (1995) - don't know their interaction, if any, but they were definitely both there.

I paid for it on Comixology and read it, focusing (of course) on anything resembling Psylocke/Spidey dialogue. It seems that anything along those lines only happened in one panel. (I attach an image of that single panel at the bottom.)

In the middle of a fight scene, Spider-Man says: "Guys! Guys! Forget the Stealth Knight! Concentrate on Kine's Wack-a-Boys!"

Psylocke says: "And side with Shaw? Are you kidding?"

In context, Spidey's suggestion is obviously addressed to all five of the participating X-Men at once. (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Archangel, Beast, and Psylocke.) That means Psylocke was 20 percent of the target audience. Or, to put it another way, he was not speaking directly to her as an individual; he was only twenty-percent-talking-to-her.

Her response, of course, was obviously directed at him and no one else.

I admit I did not anticipate this situation when I was writing the original post. I knew it might happen that Spidey and Psylocke's "first meeting" could turn out to be a time when they were briefly in sight of one another in a crowd scene, without actually exchanging words. But it never occurred to me that the closest they came to having a two-way conversation in their first encounter might be Spidey saying something to a group which included Psylocke, followed by her skeptical response aimed at him (to which he did not bother to reply directly).

Does this count as the two of them having their Very First Conversation? It's borderline, but I'm leaning toward "not really!"

I'd only call it a real Spidey/Psylocke conversation if he said something obviously addressed to her and her alone, and if she responded in kind. (Or the other way around, with her speaking first.) So, while this may very well be the first time that Betsy Braddock and Peter Parker were onstage in the same place at the same time, I feel their first true one-on-one conversation still remains unidentified!

Note: Another disappointing aspect of this story was the discovery that there is zero indication that Spidey did (or didn't) even know who Psylocke was! Comics.org says Mark Waid and Tom Peyer both get writing credit for this one, and then there's also the name of "Scott Lobdell (special thanks)," which leads me to believe Lobdell wrote little or none of the actual dialogue; he just offered a few suggestions. Maybe Waid and Peyer were not sure, offhand, if Spidey ought to recognize Psylocke, so they evaded the entire issue by not even mentioning whether or not he had any clue about who this purple-haired Asian ninja babe might be? (Personally, I probably would have had Jean say something like this: "Spidey, this is Psylocke. I don't think you two have met, although I'm sure you remember her brother -- Captain Britain!")

    Spidey was invited to Brian's and Meggan's wedding (college roomies) in Excalibur #125.

I may have that one in my collection. I'll check.

    They were both involved in the second Contest of Champions (with the Brood Queen). Can't recall how much time they were together though.

Haven't read it. But I may find it necessary to take the plunge (if the "Excalibur #125" thing doesn't pan out).

    More recently, there was A+X #16, where they fought ninja together.

I actually learned about that one when I was Googling. But it's recent enough that I strongly doubt it would qualify as the first time they ever so much as greeted one another cordially. (Yes, I could be wrong!)

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