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Subj: Re: Jean Grey #4: Too many freckles...
Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 at 02:19:13 pm EDT (Viewed 173 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Jean Grey #4: Too many freckles...
Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 at 08:39:18 pm EDT (Viewed 170 times)


    It still doesn't have me hooked. And if it takes a guest star to make the issue memorable that could be a problem. Case in point: Iron Fist's solo him-becoming-himself again in his current title, w/o guest stars, is boring as heck.

I'll admit that by the fifth issue I was done with the Iron Fist gladiator story and very glad the arc was over. It would have been more entertaining with guest stars or with a more dramatic villain or both. But that just makes me appreciate the Jean Grey comic all the more. It has cool guest stars and is using them well.



      I don't think there was supposed to be danger - just hardship. She was freezing.

    Hmm... so you're No-Prizing she was testing her warrior endurance. A resume in progress to give Odinson as it were.

I hadn't really thought it that far through. I just know she was freezing because she kept telling us she was freezing. Frankly, I have no clue why she climbed the mountain. Are there limits to the little Bamfer's teleportation abilities?


      So Lana is a new character?


So consider this: How many comics create a supporting cast for the guest star?

    ...Plus, the whole point of the story was to make Jean a warrior BUT we were not really told how the 'killer instinct' should have factored into today's lesson.

Good point. The whole killing thing has never been a big deal for me generally, but I know it's a big deal for others. If a thousand orcs attack me with deadly weapons with intent to kill, and, in defending myself, I leave a few of them (or even all of them) dead, I'll sleep like a baby and have no discomfort when looking at myself in the mirror. Nevertheless, I never want Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man to kill, because they've made a big deal over that for 50+ years. As for Jean Grey, I wouldn't mind her embracing some moral nuance. Like - say - killing is an unfortunate last resort and heroes should try really hard not to do it, but if it happens despite good intentions, there's no need to have a major moral crisis over it. And when it comes to killing the Phoenix - this falls in the same category as killing Galactus (the old hungry version). If you can manage to do it, please do it, and the universe will either thank you or prove itself to be populated by idiots.


      I'm cool with the freckles.

    The nitpick is the inconsistency with how they are drawn moreso than the forced retcon factor. They seem slapped on in random placement, random size & numbers, and random redness - FROM PANEL TO PANEL! This happens too often with freckled characters and the resulting random messy dotting screams lazy afterthought.

I don't pay enough attention for that to bother me - I think because I know I could drive myself crazy counting freckles and whatnot.


      This is one of my favorite comic books. It's always either the first or second book I read on the week that it comes out. The story line makes total sense to me. Jean is worried about the Phoenix and is trying to come up with a way of handling it. She isn't ignoring the danger in hopes of it passing her by. She isn't wallowing in self-pity. She's taking herself through a series of experiences in search of a solution to what may be the biggest problem anyone could ever face.

    My problem with this specific storyline is the fact that she's doing this alone. She told everyone of her concern and they patted her head and sent her off to bed. This is the flamin' Phoenix Force! EVERYONE KNOWS how much danger it brings! EVERYONE KNOWS how repeatedly it brings danger! EVERYONE KNOWS the X-men should expect the unexpected and prepare and protect and protocol against potential danger! Fer cryin out loud - give the girl a cookie! Train her, counsel her, support her specifically against The Phoenix. Don't have her going off on her own on her danger filled quest for masters.

The people who patted her on the head are highly skeptical of her visions. They honestly don't believe the Phoenix is coming. I'm also pretty sure they're unaware of her quest. The fact that Jean ran off half-cocked with no Plan B is a pretty teen-ish thing to do. But hey, she's a teen.

I also think it's highly meaningful that Jean is in search of the very thing she lost due to the time travel: the kind of mentoring her alternate self received from Professor X. Here again, she could devolve into pathos, maybe even self-destructive faux-solutions like drugs or alcohol, but no, she's taking the universe by the throat and choking it until it mentors her whether it likes it or not. And here she thinks she isn't a warrior. She's at war with the universe itself and she rejects the very thought of surrender.

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