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Subj: Re: X-Men Gold #9...
Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 at 08:50:52 am EDT (Viewed 244 times)
Reply Subj: X-Men Gold #9...
Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 at 02:23:03 pm EDT (Viewed 279 times)

    Poser cover. Bah. (And not even accurate given Piotr's condition! Boo!)

At least it was appropriate for a Kitty/Piotr story.

    A down time issue - already. Huh. They seem to want to recapture the creme do la creme days of endearing soap opera romances that compliments the action. This all ended up being just average.

It was, and it wasn't. It was a perfect mix of action and story. Far far above average, imo.

    Something trivia to Wiki: ST.MITROPHAN.

Russian monk. Only thing interesting I find about is that his corpse was in relatively good condition after 14 years.

    OML is off panel - already. Probably too busy with his chronology confusion.

We can hope.

    Intro: Congressman Zelman. Nobody special - yet.

    Kurt should have listed Remy and Rogue as a couple! \:\)

    First Kurt absolutely didn't want to date Rachel then suddenly in a most incomprehensible turn of a phrase he'sdares her to go on a date with him. Very poor dialogue scene outside the mansion.

Disagree about the dialogue.

He was most certainly not "absolutely" against it. Rachel knew he wanted it. He was just nervous about it. And his "dying" might have had something to do with overcoming that. BTW, those bruises from last issue certainly vanished quickly.

Remy & Rogue-- another bad example. Are there any good examples?

    Something trivia to Wiki: DEAR EVAN HANSEN.

This year's Hamilton... maybe.

    RETURN OF AN OLD FRIEND! Stevie! Yay! Promotion to significance! Good for her!

Loved seeing her. I almost find it hard to believe Kitty didn't know about her becoming a congresswoman, even if it happened while she was stuck in the bullet. But I guess it has been that long since Stevie has interacted with any of them (since 1994).

    Very topical sequence before a committee. We see it a lot on TV these days. Kitty weighs against in the anti-mutant debate and the possible deportation of mutants. Equated to vetting. She argues well. But, IT WAS VERY SAD THAT (the ended) Secret Empire was NOT EVEN MENTIONED in the arguments by either side. BAH. And it surely, should - unless of course this hints at lazy COSMIC RESET. As for the bill passing - as 'wrong' as that is, it should be a good thing storywise for the MU in the short term.

And yet no one in this committee meeting mentions the fact that superpowered flatscans make up the vast majority of threats faced. Not mutants. The vast majority of mutants barely register as a threat to insects.

    Another poor dialogue scene with Kurt and Rachel on their date. He's talking to her and then the Nuff Said panel of her apparently in some power upgrade daze but it was impossible for readers to make that out - if Kurt hadn't stated he sensed something. Also, she doesn't want to become like her mother?! But when Teen Jean comes to her and says the same, Rachel was, like, 'don't worry about it kid, you're imagining it'. Sheesh.

Continue to disagree about the dialogue.

    Piotr PROPOSES!!! ...*hic* to propose ONE day. He was SO unromantic at first... then OH! he's just talking out of his hat. Huh, no wonder Kitty was flustered. Especially since she kept saying she absolutely didn't want to date all issue. Clearly, the story is going for the parallels but all four of their love lives are not that interesting at this time since they haven't even entered the blossoming phase.

I didn't find anything "unromantic" about him. In fact, everything about him was romantic (to the point it irked me). They were just having a very mature conversation about the future, without all the adolescent floweriness.

My only wish is that Kitty not lead him on further. Tell him no.

    Enter: WHIPLASH! What's HE doing in an X-book?! Hmmph, since Ironverse doesn't care Xverse is cherry picking his arch enemies? Mister "Experience", here, pales to the newbie X-Cutioner vs Kitty. But then again he shouldn't have fared well to the fight result was okay.

Ironverse isn't very Ironverse these days. I expect more non-X villains to come. There have been a lot already.

    One of the pitfalls of seeing upcoming solicits and reading the Letters Page spoiling the Return of Omega Red. He is not onmy favorite villains list either. Good to see that the resurrection process is not permanent; guess he'll live day to day like any vampire. This ending was telegraphed more than tempting.

Yeah. I was done with Omega Red in 1992. But I guess people like him. I'm totally not caring about this story.

    How did YOU rate it?

Solid A!!!!

Only nit: Piotr's use of "tovarishch," but this has been a pet peeve of mine for 40 years. Whiplash is not Piotr's comrade! It's bad enough when Piotr calls his true friends "comrades" (which would be an insult to a real Russian). This is just-- ARGH!-- even in jest.

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