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Subj: Re: X-Men Blue #9: Hot Mess PBP...
Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 at 02:03:23 pm EDT (Viewed 155 times)
Reply Subj: Re: X-Men Blue #9: Hot Mess PBP...
Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 at 10:05:52 am EDT (Viewed 160 times)

> Havok's looked like that before. Only real difference is that the circles are filled in.
Didn't they concentrically grow from him, the source, or maybe riccochet after hitting targets. Here it looks more like a New Year's Eve balloon drop, IMO.

> He's probably so glad he brags about it.
Heh. He's probably got more secrets than The Unseen has seen. That is if Watchfury is even carrying on Uatu's peeping tommery.

> She's the teacher.
Yeah, she knows (of) Jimmy maybe/obviously but he/readers knew nothing of her secret school marm aspirations until that point.

> Well, sure, but why?
Sure, all out action is the way of comic books but some cross-title character extension and a non-lethal TK shove might have been an option too.

> It seemed clear to me that it was Jeen [sic] (not Beast's magic) that got the collars off. There was no mention at all of Beast magicking them off. Pink usually means telekinesis. She was able to locate them telepathically to rescue them, so not a big deal to tk their collars
Fair enough. You're right of course. Still, during the first read, had to flip back a page to make sure which felt uncalled for. The colour shade looked a bit different and usually her TK f/x emmenate from her head. This may've been the first time she did it unseen and thru a solid wall, eh?

> Well, Emma was never his wife. That must really tick her off.
D'oh! True. The rhyme just came to me and snuck past my edit. Jean's technically had it (fascitiously) wrong too. \:\)

> Not that outlandish a claim, and not the craziest thing Lorna's ever said. She did get an amp after the Apocalypse thing. And Magneto has been long-plagued with power problems, whereas she has not. It's something that maybe should be tested, and I might not place my money on Our Lord.
Was just thinking of her Incursion showing that Marvel annoyingly is still ignoring where they both gave it their all against 1610 crashing into Earth and Lorna burned out long before the superior Magneto.

> Well, yeah, there were multiple fights in multiple places. Lorna was never fighting in the same place as Danger.

>>Beast can magick on the run now?! SHEEEEEEEEEEESH!
> Shouldn't matter.
It's craziness that he is at that skill level already (based on what we've seen so far). Plus, this direction for him, for here & now, is off putting.

> How screwed up is that?! Emma's trying to turn a probably not legal kid into her sig.other.
Very. Seems an interesting direction for her, here & now, after IvX. And a refreshing excuse for her renewed evil ways than the tired, oft-repeated, "oh it's because they were not in control of themself" excuse.

> They might have retconned Scott into being 18 at the beginning of X-Men now. I know they've at least tried to do this (the most recent Cyke Origin one-shot).

> "Big Guy" is Mondo, formerly of old-school Generation X. He's basically a mutant Absorbing Man.

> I'm more pissed off that Firestar is even working with Emma than what she's wearing, even if she's being mind controlled.
She'll be forgiven as lightning speed fast as Amara most recently was, no doubt.

> Yes. The dreaded return of the psi-link. However, I like that it was Emma that caused this. Irony!
Ha! Brilliant catch.

> It's like Bunn is having ADHD. Several issues, no resolution, aaand... status quo change. I guess maybe no one really knows what to do with these characters.

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