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Subj: Re: X-Men Gold #11: Is 'dull action' an oxymoron?
Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 at 09:03:16 am EDT (Viewed 194 times)
Reply Subj: X-Men Gold #11: Is 'dull action' an oxymoron?
Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 at 04:00:27 pm EDT (Viewed 239 times)

    Colossus: can still armor up in a pinch. Can start courting Kitty again. can save money on family greeting cards now.

Well, he didn't know about stupid uncle in the first place. No loss; no gain. I liked seeing him refer to America as his home, and "our SHIELD," and stuff. It's long past time he gave up the Motherland shtick.

    Storm: konked out.

Why is she even there?

    Illyana: terrible showing all round - in spite of convenient and weak plot device of being konked out for awhile.

Aside from the horrible excuse to conk her out, she didn't do too badly.

    Prestige: surprisingly, the best player this time. Her psi was genuinely helpful to root out Uncle's lie and she actually tried to show something interesting with Omega Red's psiscape for at least one panel.

Good, but not enough, imo.

    Mystic Russian: Viktor? Was it? Doesn't matter - he was loser. All he did was throw in some untranslated Russian phrases and unnamed magic spells.

And Yana jobbed to him?! BAH! She can save the world with Strange's elite magic squad, but Komrade Disposable's goons smack her down off panel, leaving her too weak to fight him.

    Uncle: Good for nothing. Another relative to forget about. (BTW: WEHT Piotr's brother?)

Still self-exiled in that dimension (Kapalan) that only exists for a second.

    Omega red: He was tough. He actually made for some decent action scenes but they hardly make up for the terrible lacking exposition -in his arc mind you- on his character, motivation, temporary sentient status, and imprisoned fate. BAH.

Decent action, but not nearly as tough as he used to be, I thought. I'm grateful for this, as it means the story is over sooner. This was really sort of a one-and-done story, because Omega Red barely appeared last issue. Yay! That's over.

    S.I.C.K.L.E.: Say what now??!! Seriously?! C'mon!! 'Cuz S.P.E.A.R. was such a hit... R.O.L.L.S.E.Y.E.S.

Well, H.A.M.M.E.R. was already used. It's kind of stupid for a Russian agency to have an English acronym. "Sickle" in Russian is СЕРП (pronounced serp). Bet some cool Russian words can be extrapolated from that.

And speaking of Russian, again, we are given lots of random Russian words thrown in for no good reason, just to make speech colourful:

- "Pakhan": basically the equivalent of Boss/Godfather/etc.
- "Chto eto?": What's this? (it's pronunced "shto," btw)
- "Dyadya": uncle
- "Ublyudok": jerk. Really? Guy kidnaps and nearly kills your sister and all you can do is call him "jerk?" Sure, this is a comic book, but c'mon! Kitty calling Omega a "jerkwad" seems natural for her, but Piotr should have been angrier.
- "Udar'te na eto": Not how I would have translated "choke on this." What Omega said is more like "Take this." Choke would have been another word. But, oh well.
- "Ya sobirayus' ubit' tebya": I'm going to kill you. Why is Piotr the one who's using Russian and not the Russians that still live/breathe in Russia? All of these Bratva criminals are speaking English, even amongst themselves. But Piotr is going to announce he's killing the Pakhan in Russian? Awkward.

Ugh, and "Anatoly Rasputin Nikolayevich?" Nono. Anatoly Nikolayevich Rasputin.