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Subj: Okay. Just had to be sure...
Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 at 01:09:19 pm EDT (Viewed 248 times)
Reply Subj: I meant retroactively but your list is your list :) nnt
Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 at 08:28:50 am EDT (Viewed 215 times)

1. Everything from Morrison's run. No Cassandra. No Fantomex. No Sublime. No Emma/Scott Freakshow. No Jean death. No Xorn(eto or otherwise). If I never hear the word "Mummudrai" again it'll be too soon.

2. No Decimation. Thus no Hope Summers (even though she may as well not exist, since she spends most of her time in limbo), and no Bishop character assassination.

3. No AOA leftovers. Nate, Dark Beast, Holocaust, Sugarman-- each one grosser than the next.

4. No Grey family slaughter. I really think it was just part of the attempt to delete Jean from relevancy and push the Emma/Scott Freakshow.

5. No Old Man Logan. He should have just stayed in that repulsive future of Millar's.

6. Everything from Remender. All of that Apocalypse Seed crap. Anything from Uncanny Avengers too.

7. No Legacy cure guinea pig. Such a stupid plot device that someone had to sacrifice themselves.

8. No heel turns for: Emma, Mystique, Marrow, Juggernaut, Lady Mastermind, or Sabretooth. Villains they'd remain. Rotten to the core.

9. No sentient Danger Room. At the very least, I would twist her origin into being a spawn of Bastion, inserted when he stole all of the X-Men's tech.

10. No Jimmy Hudson, either. In fact, technically, Ultimate "mutants" should not count as main universe mutants. Ultimate "mutants" are the products of the Ultimate Weapon X program.