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Subj: Re: The whole X-Universe or Just the X-MEN?
Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 at 09:11:20 am EDT (Viewed 224 times)
Reply Subj: The whole X-Universe or Just the X-MEN?
Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 at 07:21:55 am EDT (Viewed 186 times)

    Because I would never want to give up Peter David's second X-Factor run, so in that case, I would say the second that last issue's lat page hit the printer.

I was thinking just the actual "X-Men" titles and minis. Because I too have a super-favorite mutant-oriented book from the 21st century: Fabian Nicieza's Cable & Deadpool. I'm reading the Omnibus right now and falling in love all over again.

But yeah, I can see how certain things just wouldn't make sense. For one thing, the vomit-alicious House of M was referenced in an important way by my super-favorite Fabian book. Take the former away and the latter will have a significant hole in it.

    I think it is the closest we will ever get to Claremon't golden age, again.

Speaking of clones - which nobody was - Marvel should have cloned Chris Claremont and trained the clone from an early age to write comics.

    If it is JUST the X-Men, I would say, some time before the whole mansion became a school with a large number of students (Morrison, I suppose).

Wait. The mansion wasn't a school before Morrison? Really? To Wikipedia, Batman!
Generation X

Ok - no - the Massachusetts school was a 1994 thing. Emma was schoolmarm. Scott Lobdell was the writer.

    That never worked for me, and to this day I want any X-Man to say,

    "Look, I didn't sign up to teach Algebra to teenagers, I signed up to be a superhero... and maybe some pro-mutant P.R.. For that sake, I don't think any of us have teaching licenses or degrees. And our mansion gets attacked or destroyed by Sentinels, super-villains, or intergalactic warriors every other week, WHY DO WE HAVE KIDS HERE!? We're going to go to prison."

Somehow it seemed normal to me. I mean, Professor X was teaching academic subjects to the Original Five back in the day - wasn't he?