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Subj: Re: Iceman #6: Darkstar use to be cooler...
Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 at 02:00:12 pm EDT (Viewed 242 times)
Reply Subj: Iceman #6: Darkstar use to be cooler...
Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 at 10:32:40 am EDT (Viewed 248 times)

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Iceman 006

The highly anticipated return/interpretation of Darkstar was a letdown. Her butch and bitchy 'tude was awkward reading. So, Captain Stevil stranded her, among the heroes he feared, outside the Planetary Shield during S.E.?! On the one hand it's superpower respect she deserves but on the other it was not in-story at all. That, and it just further reinforces the fail of handling the Darkforce phenomena. Can somebody remind me what was her last notable appearance/issue she appeared in?

And while anyone is at it,
who knows the first issue that Laynia and Widow appeared together?
who knows the first issue that Herc and Widow appeared together?
who knows the first issue that Blaze and Widow appeared together?
who knows the first issue that Warren and Widow appeared together?
Who else is anxious to find out details Bobby's first awkward meeting with Natasha BY NEXT ISSUE given all the storypoint build up? It was good that her (apparent? reported?) death was picked up as a storypoint somewhere (escpecially if sadly The Avengers haven't yet) after Secret Empire "old news".

Speaking of awkward, is the ongoing page alottment to the gaydom assimilation theme that is the overbearing focus of this series so far. And since when did Bobby need liquid courage? Two timing Romeo was just and added slap in the face as it were.

The Robbie Reyes cameo was curious. Not sure what's happening in the new Ghost Rider series but the disregarded continuity fit to that book and Spirits of Vengeance was a concern to me.

Speaking of continuity, uhhh, wasn't the old Champions HQ an aerie resort on the edge of a mountainside cliff? It's bad enough Worthington Estate felt the need to unload the property but how do you No-Prize moving the place to the city?

Leti (and Daisy) was okay as new antagonist. Funny Silver Surfer line, too. It makes this literal recycling of Sentinels a bit less cliche. However, the multiplication of one into seven giant robots was unfairly confusing. Hopefully, the clash next issue will add excitement to the mixed bag of this ish.

Your thoughts?

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This was an awesome read. The idea of the Champions getting together to mourn Tasha was great!

I didn't find Laynia "butch" at all. Bitchy? Yeah, but only at first and she quickly noted her own attitude and chilled for the rest of the book. This might actually be my favourite appearance of her. It was perhaps the most normal we've ever seen her, or at least in ages.

The first issue Laynia and Tasha appeared together would be Champions v1 #7. It's Laynia's first appearance, and only a small flashback in Hulk has ever showed Laynia's life before this. We've been told a lot of stuff about her past, but never seen it.

Herc/Tasha: Avengers v1 #38, maybe?

Johnny/Tasha: Pretty sure it's Champions v1 #1.

Warren/Tasha: Champions v1 #1, I believe.

I'm sure the new direction of Bobby's life could use some liquid courage help.

Don't see a problem with Reyes' cameo.

The Champions were always Los Angeles-based, hence their real full name: Champions of Los Angeles. The Aerie (in Colorado, mostly, but early an appearance says New Mexico) was the Defenders' HQ, and it hadn't even appeared during the Champions' time. The Champions series ran from 1975-1978 (beginning), and a few later appearances stretched into 1979. The Aerie first appeared in a Hulk book near the end of 1978. Until Defenders, the Aerie was where Warren went for downtime.

I don't think it was ever suggested there was just one Sentinel. Even early, Leti is talking about getting "these bad boys (plural) to walk around."

My favourite issue of the week.