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Subj: Re: So, How Did He Come Back?
Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 at 07:38:32 pm EST (Viewed 149 times)
Reply Subj: Astonishing X-Men #6: This should generate some X-buzz...
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Astonishing X-Men 006 (2018)

Just like Avengers book this week, there's basically no focus on the team members characterization except, maybe Psylocke, and the only one BIG spoiler warning is with the last scene as this current crisis is draws to a close (with aftermarth details to be revealed next issue). Unfortunately the art was not that good (unless you like the style) - and the coloring made it worst! HOWEVER, unlike that book, this had an exciting build to the climax. Xavier's narrative, examination of the team players, banter with Farouk, psychic victory and ultimate spoiler reveal under the mask is what made this issue. So, we're assuming that "X" psi-jacked Fanty's body (with permission?), right? And we're hoping he doesn't keep the solitary letter as a codename, right? This development should generate lots of online X-buzz, right?

Also, to it's credit. We have an engaging puzzle to figure out how Archangel will stop those bombs, "SO DID I" and "IT WAS INEVITABILITY" were 2 neat quotable moments, and the symbolic cover was good.


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He was obliterated by Scott, and then his brain was literally removed from his body and stolen. I mean, that''s as permanent as permanent gets. I realize that this is comics and all but, come on!

Did The Shadow King get a power up? It sounds like he did. This sounds like something I will get or check out in trade, but with this whole Professor X stuff, I just don't know. It's so cheap with him coming back.