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Subj: Re: X-Men Gold #17: Look before you leap...
Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 at 02:44:23 pm EST (Viewed 130 times)
Reply Subj: X-Men Gold #17: Look before you leap...
Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 at 01:51:53 pm EST (Viewed 133 times)

    07-08 Ugly crash. Uglier page of art/colors in the cockpit. So, uhh, Piotr was handling co-pilot readings from the backseat?? The cityscape was more visually stimulating - but why, again, did the ship have to crash land?? BTW, thanks for nothing Wind-Goddess Ro.

Indeed. It's like these characters may as well not even be around.

    09-13 Generic big battle. Nothing notable... 'cept maybe they unleashed destructive power indeterminately against 2 forces who fought each other. Piotr's reasoning: self defense. Also, his on again, off again control over his transmuting is seeming ignored again. Otherwise... WAITAMINNIT! Ink can fly??! That better be precident, otherwise: SHEESH. All that cool costume tech and the first alien guy they run into speaks English! *cue John Cleese's reaction

    14-16 Chosing sides. Mildly interesting they go with a bluff tactic to free friends as opposed to actually making a hero call and listening to the debate. Otherwise, not much... WAITAMINNIT! Ink can TP??! That better be precident, otherwise: SHEESH. And immediately they conveniently add to psi-plot devicing trope by indicating he's bush leagues level. SHEESH again.

Ink got all of his powers from ideas from X-Men comic books from the REAL WORLD Earth that fell through a portal into 616. And he was given tattoos with mutant blood in them (he's not actually a mutant, it's his tattoo artist that is the mutant).

His powers:
- Toxins: from a biohazard tatt on one palm
- Strength: Colossus bands on one hand
- TP: Xavier-style lightning bolts on his temples
- Flight: wings on back
- Explode: from an explosive symbol on his bicep
- Healing: Caduceus symbol on other hand
- Phoenix powers: Phoenix tatt (and this caused the artist to go into a coma)

All of these powers have been around for a long, long time. No precedents, here.

    19-20 Kurt's gonna do it... he's gonna do it... He did it! Okay, finally something remarkable (and painfully evocative) happens on the last page splash! (Remind me if this is a first for this ages-long deterrant to bamfing?)

Pretty much. Oddly, what killed him by impalement was a line-of-sight teleport. And he doesn't tend to stress about blind teleports. Heck, the teleport to get them on board the spaceship last ish was a blind teleport. But the one time he stresses, he impales himself. *groan*

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