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Subj: Re: Phoenix Resurrection #1
Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 at 08:28:48 am EST (Viewed 197 times)
Reply Subj: Phoenix Resurrection #1
Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 at 11:15:45 pm EST (Viewed 186 times)


    Yeah, I bought it. But I won't be buying the rest. This is just way too decompressed for me.

    Some apparently dead girl is found on the side of the road by two biking youngsters who then become apparently dead youngsters floating above the road.

Well, not dead. They'd be "daed ffo retteb."

The "dead girl" is obviously Jean's old friend Annie Richardson, whose death at the same location sparked Jean's mutant powers years ago. (See Bizarre Adventures #27 origin story)

Both kids are recovering, thankfully.

    Cerebro pings and the X-Men show up. Hank does research. Three locations with similar energy signatures are found. Three teams are sent to investigate the locations. All three meet people who should be dead and fight them.

Group A (Gold team + Magik & Jubes) goes to the NYC Hellfire Club, which really shouldn't be vacant imo. The Club doesn't just wither and die if the Inner Circle goes to jail, and we know for a fact the most recent Inner Circle is not in jail (not a one). Whatever. This group meets a hundred Hellfire mercs-- big boring whoop.

Jubes is part of this group. She's all too happy to start munching on merc necks, which shouldn't be happening, imo. Jubes is supposed to be one of those typical vamps that doesn't drink people's blood. She does spit it out, noticing they are not real.

Group B (Blue team + Rogue) goes to Mont Saint Francis (wow strange, pretty insignificant location in X-History). They are attacked by Seamus Mellencamp (yay! one of the dead Acolytes I liked).

The Mont Saint Francis location was an Acolyte HQ (Uncanny X-Men #300). Only seen once and really has nothing to do with Jean or Phoenix. The teams also visited the town during Phalanx Covenant.

Group C (Weapon X group) goes to the North Pole and fights real fake Logan (this Wolverine is still more real Logan than Old Moan Logan).

    All three see something in the sky.

And something that looks like a bird. *rolls eyes*

    Jean and her friend Gladys in some sort of Lala Land also see something in the sky. Jean goes back to work, finishes work, goes home to her parents, and gets a visit from Scott, who may be strictly an illusion or may be as real as Jean is, we don't know.

Jean's working in some kind of Twin Peaks-style diner. The owner is a woman named Annie. Banshee is there, which is odd, because he is not dead (he survived Uncanny Avengers). Of course, Jean shouldn't be "dead" either-- she's supposed to be on Walkabout collecting her piecesparts (so Marvel doesn't really care about continuity these days). All of Jean's scenery is probably the White Hot Room "holodeck" or something.

    So yeah, this is going to drag on interminably. I don't have the patience.

Well, the mini is only 5 weekly issues, so not that "interminably." By this time next month we'll be done with it. Previous Phoenix minis (Endsong & Warsong) were 5 monthly issues and started as slowly (arguably slower). Marvel's eager to start selling their new series this time around. I'll just consider it a 100-page Giant stretched over 5 weeks.

But I totally get your frustration.

I'm just wondering why strangeness like this never happened the previous times Jean has come back.

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