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Subj: Re: Phoenix Resurrection #1
Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 at 02:56:18 am EST (Viewed 123 times)
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      Jubes is part of this group. She's all too happy to start munching on merc necks, which shouldn't be happening, imo. Jubes is supposed to be one of those typical vamps that doesn't drink people's blood. She does spit it out, noticing they are not real.

    That will be disgusting if writers make this part of her X-men battle repertoire. Even Creed should not do this if he wears an X. It's as disgustingly unheroic as Even more than Maggott's Eany and Meany.

Aw. I like Maggott.


      Group B (Blue team + Rogue) goes to Mont Saint Francis (wow strange, pretty insignificant location in X-History). They are attacked by Seamus Mellencamp (yay! one of the dead Acolytes I liked).

    Who?! Ah, him. Don't recall him being such a bane for Rogue. Sinister should be cloning him for his Marauders.

Mellencamp spends most of his time being dead, so he sort of missed the heyday of the Acolytes. He first appeared in Uncanny #300 (the issue Mont Saint Francis), and a few months later he was killed by Madrox in X-Factor. He was mysteriously brought back in the "Siege of Wundagore" story in Quicksilver, but by then, no one really cared about Acolytes. Then he died again when Genosha went boom. He got temporarily brought back for Necrosha. And now this.

To add insult to injury, writers can't seem to decide on how to spell his name: Mellon~, Mellan~, Mellen~?


      Group C (Weapon X group) goes to the North Pole and fights real fake Logan (this Wolverine is still more real Logan than Old Moan Logan).

    Wonder what backissue this site was homage to?

I was trying to figure this out, but I don't think it's a homage.



        Jean and her friend Gladys in some sort of Lala Land also see something in the sky. Jean goes back to work, finishes work, goes home to her parents, and gets a visit from Scott, who may be strictly an illusion or may be as real as Jean is, we don't know.

      Jean's working in some kind of Twin Peaks-style diner. The owner is a woman named Annie. Banshee is there, which is odd, because he is not dead (he survived Uncanny Avengers).

    Remind me how he ain't dead? Guess he (along with readers) still haven't seen Siryn since her Banshee Goddess Ascension pre-Secret Wars, eh?

Banshee was resurrected by the Apocalypse Twins (Uriel & Elmin) along with Sentry, Grim Reaper, and Daken. At the end of the story, all were still alive. Banshee was in a healing tube with the Avengers.



        So yeah, this is going to drag on interminably. I don't have the patience.

      Well, the mini is only 5 weekly issues, so not that "interminably." By this time next month we'll be done with it. Previous Phoenix minis (Endsong & Warsong) were 5 monthly issues and started as slowly (arguably slower). Marvel's eager to start selling their new series this time around. I'll just consider it a 100-page Giant stretched over 5 weeks.

    That was my takeaway too. Odd coincidence or intentional concurrency that the players in Jeen's title who died at the hands of the Phoenix didn't make the meeting. Plus, the meeting itself was insulting. Kitty called so many (counting all the silouetted) to tell them "not much" about a apparent crisis they must keep secret and that a bunch of them are not good enough to help.

Yup. This is why I don't work corporate. \:\)

Seriously though, the meeting was mostly just needless exposition.


      But I totally get your frustration.

    Totally frustrated by this (uninviting) set up, too. Art was not my fave either.

I tend to like Yu.

The only thing I can think would be important about that scene/location is it's where Jean admitted that while her life scares her, and there's a lot of stuff she hates about it and how people expect her to be, she accepts her power and her place. Then she zaps mellonhead with one of her strongest to blasts we've seen to date. So I guess it's a strong point because she accepted herself. Nightmares, fears, strengths, and all. Other than that, you got me.

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