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Subj: X-Men Unity Squad: The All New, All Different Kooky Quartet
Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 at 10:39:42 am EST (Viewed 100 times)
Reply Subj: X-Men Unity Squad: New team idea for Jean....thoughts?
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X-Men Unity Squad:

1) Jean (duh) flat out, unchallenged leader. Confident but with a sly, playful smirk as in hinting that THIS return is not only gonna stick but that she knows something about Life, the Universe and Everything...like a playful Lala Miller...she knows things.

2) Morph (the closest thing to Exiles) A competent hero and good comic relief used the right way adds to team chemistry

3 & 4)Monica and Adam, the Blue Marvel (they are either both in or out, collectively)

5) She-Hulk Because every team is better with Jen. Green, happy, smart, confident and kicking ass.

6) Justice (probably one of the only mutants never to really and truly where the X)

7) Songbird (look what the Avengers did for Roberto (Sunspot) da Costa career and rep?) The below-linked article makes a good argument.


Songbird deserves a good run with a writer likes and gets her

1) Hawkeye: I would love to see him written old school, (even if he challenges
Jean to be a leader) but let's be honest, a guy with a bow and arrow has very little purpose in space, only Cap can pull that off because he's Capt.

2) Baron Zemo: Because, like Jen, when done correctly, he makes any comic better, i would even except a Zemo from an alternate reality right after Avengers/TB 2004 (wow, only 13 years ago since a good Avengers book)

3) The One True Nova: Richie needs some love.

4) Wonderman: No pacifist, no craziness. Simon at his best like in the Ms. Marvel/Brian Wood's comic. (can anyone explain to me why Bendis's Mighty Avengers has Simon rocking the safari jacket and turtleneck.

5) Mimic: heroic and good, like the one from Exiles (because i loved the Exiles.


Jean Grey comes back after being out of the Marvel Universe for a long time. She returns to see the X-Men unity squad dissolving, so she decides to form a new team...Jean's Kooky Quartet.

You have Jean as the team leader. Of course she's the team leader, like Cap frozen in a block of ice, she's the one that you want to see lead a team. I would also have her just have telepathy. Last time she came back from the dead, she only had TK. I'm curious what she would be like with just Telepathy.

Songbird as the contentious foil to Jean. This isn't on purpose. Something about Jean just rubs her the wrong way. She doesn't like how Jean "uses" others as she sees it. But she stays because she wants the team to work.

Joystick, a member of the masters of Evil, she wants someone to help her out of this costume that is slowly controlling her. She breaks into the Avengers Mansion in order to do just that and is captured/recruited by the new Avengers Unity Squad.

Justice: one of the few mutants without the X. He'd be an interesting counterpoint to Jean, who no longer has telekinetic powers.

And their secret member is Misty Knight, who was Jean's ex-roommate, but now is part of the Avengers support team. She's like Jean Grey's version of Bucky Barnes...scouting out and gather intelligence so that Jean and the Unity Squad can make the right moves. She's also Jean's new roommate, much to Falcon's chagrin.

- l.k.