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Subj: Re: Phoenix Resurrection #3: Warning: More negativity...
Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 at 08:59:45 am EST (Viewed 144 times)
Reply Subj: Phoenix Resurrection #3: Warning: More negativity...
Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 at 05:01:57 pm EST (Viewed 161 times)

    == Great cover.

Yeah. Very creepy.

    == Is that supposed to be Skin pushing carts and going over to check on distraught Jean? That goes NOWHERE else. Sidebar: Has Grey and Esponosa ever even talked in a backissue together?

That certainly seems to be him. Also, it looks like Gateway is one of the people at the HammerBay supermarket that tries to help her.
I don't believe they ever associated in life. Jean was there when he was crucified on the mansion lawn. She pronounced that she couldn't read any thoughts.

Hammer Bay is of course the main port/capital of Genosha.

    == In some ways this is just an exercise to cameo neglected mutants who have no facetime since SW. Case in point, this was a HUGE MISSED OPPURTUNITY to have Dani actually say SOMETHING INSIGHTFUL at the gravesite given her Valkyrior skillset. Sidebar: Can anyone cite a story instance where a beloved character is missing from their coffin earlier than when DC (Byrne?) did it with Batman's parents?

First of all, why is Beast being so completely stupidly dense and trying to deny all of this has to do with Jean. Any idiot could see this.

This is some really screwy stuff. There shouldn't have even been a corpse in the first place, and none of the X-Men inner circle should be surprised. At the end of Phoenix Endsong, there was no corpse. Jean flew off to find her pieces. But even if we're ignoring that, the Sisterhood tried to steal her corpse, but they were fooled, and it wasn't her corpse they dug up. If there is any corpse, the X-Men aren't stupid enough to put it someplace obvious. Grerererrrr!

To be really frank, in a world that has The Hand, I think every smart person would cremate. The Sisterhood thing. Then there was the stuff with Xavier's corpse. The Hand stole the Hulk's corpse. Does anyone really want them stealing a Phoenix corpse... or even Cyclops' corpse? It shouldn't even be an option to not cremate.

    == What an odd team choice to go interrogate Emma!! Their attitude toward her, given her alienated status, felt too cordial too. Going to her to use Cerebro (not Cerebra this time) begs the question: Why her? ALL X-telepaths are hardly accounted and Quentin unavailable does not credit to this tale. Sidebar: Did her mention of Hope among telepaths feel... right?

The group really made no sense. If I were going into an unknown situation, I'd probably want more varied assortment of powers/abilities. And how unknown was this situation. Emma's a telepath. I'd probably want more telepath-resistant squad.

    == And suddenly everyone goes to New Mexico to face off against Phoenix. That is not smart, Kitty. Colossus impersonating Ironclad's smooth skin feels wrong. Dazzler revisiting her Excalibur pink hair days seems wrong. Forge standing around with tech is wrong. Only Magik is acknowledge for her powerful skillset with the weirdest ending - she cuts open a door to the White Room-ish reality?? Page 17 would have been better as the final page.

How did they know which part of New Mexico to go to? Agreed about Colossus. Dazzler's pink hair is an improvement over her A-Force look. Yeah, I would have inverted those last two scenes.

Slightly better than last issue, but

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