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Subj: Re: All-New Wolverine #29: Dead means dead. Doesn't it?
Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 at 01:21:52 pm CST (Viewed 133 times)
Reply Subj: All-New Wolverine #29: Dead means dead. Doesn't it?
Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 at 08:13:15 am CST (Viewed 203 times)

    All-New Wolverine 029 (2018)

As soon as I opened this, I realized something was wrong. Nothing looked familiar. And then it hit me - ah, crap, my comics shop had screwed up again. They had never given me issue 28. But I went ahead and read this any way. I also ordered issue 28 on ebay.

    Great issue. My only BIG gripe is the contrived 'finality' with death by Murumasa Blade. It's more like 'mystic limbo stasis field' by Murumasa metal.

I assumed it was something special about how the metal was being used. Comic book science and all that.

    Dead means dead. Or at least it should be - here - as a storypoint and dramatic tease. At least, that's how lethal the Black Blade seems to have been presented since the metal was introduced 30 years ago http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix3/blackblademuramasa.htm. Didn't Creed actually go to hell when he was decapitated? (How'd he come back again?) Anyways, on the one hand when a long lived (if not immortal) superhuman loses cerebral function it has been death in past stories but on the other, many a time a 'wolverine regenerator has suffered worse than mortal injury and 'got better'. (Remind me why Daken's arm didn't grow back before?) Anyways it is OBVIOUS that Logan, Creed, and Yuriko will come back to life here - maybe as a No-Prize suggestion, for whatever reason, the OoX only used a minimal amount of this 'kryptonite' that, fortunately for the trio, results in death EVENTUALLY as the body slowly fails at mutant regenerative life support?

I was surprised to see Creed, Old Man, and Yuriko in this issue, but that could easily be because I missed issue 28.

Laura calls Gabby "Honey Badger" in this issue. Did she start that last issue? Ugh, I hate missing issues.

Murumasa seems quite the badass, and interestingly it is mostly implied. He doesn't actually demonstrate the usual badassery indicaters like slaughtering 20 ninjas. He just radiates this message of don't get on my bad side.

I love that Gabby and Daken are buds. I know, I know, I'm supposed to hate Daken because he did all that and all this and all that over there but gosh darn it, I bet if someone threatened Gabby, Daken would eat their heart - and that has to count for something, right?

Laura and Daken smell the bad guys. Gabby doesn't, apparently. Doesn't Gabby have a super nose too? In any case, it's too bad there wasn't a sniktery doodle character in the latest Avengers issue, as maybe the bad guys who did you-know-what have a distinctive odor?

Daken sticks the phone inside himself. Who else but a sniktery doodle could do such a thing? Who else but Daken would think of doing it?

Who else but America's Captain would use the term "sniktery doodle"?

    • Poor symbolic cover image choice.
    • Do we know Sutter or Amber from before this arc?
    • Interesting "soul-idified" armor making process.
    • Nice aunt moment.
    • nb. Magic can make Gabby feel pain.
    • Daken and Gabby evoke extremes but Laura is just AVERAGE. Ha! Nailed it. At least that's how she's seemed for a lot of this run.

Laura's "average" aura is the result of the strongest iron will in comics today, with the possible exception of Rachel Summers, who really needs to visit this comic. I want Laura and Rachel to become friends.


    • Neat *SNFF* f/x.
    • Wow - The Hand is going corporate to allow for those mask redesigns. It would've been a nitpick but it was explained that they followed the vanity of that soon-to-be-named old OoX guy that bossed them.
    • Good fight action. ANW was entertaining and heroic here. And that splash page intro of her new armor looks AWESOME. So, uhm, is it a magical armor that produces that armor on a whim? That might be not as good. Just another X-men able to costume up on a nitpickable whim.
    • Daken is still a crappy guy but his plan, body surfing dive and last words were brilliant.
    • Enter: Gorgon! So cool. So interesting with this team up atonement. Hope we learn more of his history with Murumasa ASAP.

I love Gorgon.


    • Exciting end scene. AWN gets a great one-liner.

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