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Subj: Re: New X-Men Blue team (yea!)
Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 at 02:12:42 pm EST (Viewed 160 times)
Reply Subj: Re: New X-Men Blue team (yea!)
Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 at 12:19:02 pm EST (Viewed 165 times)

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    Hopefully, it's permanent (since they will be fighting the big conspiracy subplot running since the books inception and they get team uniforms) and the O5 are dead/gone.

    Polaris, Jimmy Hudson, Gazing Nightshade (recent X-men Blue character), Daken, Xorn, and the Bloodstorm.

Polaris - I'm interested.

Jimmy Hudson - I'm interested because he seems to be Wolverine with more of a boy next door personality, which seems an interesting experiment, though I don't know why he's psychologically so normal.

Gazing Nightshade - don't know her and nothing jumps out at me as to why I should be interested.

Daken - I'm interested. One of the few genuine antiheroes. He truly has a villainous component which recently he's been suppressing. I don't know why he cares about this team unless the reason is Jimmy Hudson in which case Jimmy should watch his back.

Xorn - I don't get this guy. But I think I'll ignore all of his past except the immediate because otherwise I'd have to contend with Grant Morrison and down that road lies madness.

According to Wikipedia:

"All-New, All-Different Marvel
When the Terrigen Mists were released around the globe, whittling down mutantkind's number and suppressing any new mutant manifestation, a militant band composed of Inhumans and Mutants known as the Dark Riders, who long believed in "survival of the fittest", began gunning down all mutant healers, one such mutant is Shen Xorn, who's revealed to have been repowered somehow (it can be assumed that he was repowered by his own twin brother off-panel during the Collective arc) and has now secluded himself somewhere in Tibet. He is able to kill Barrage and make quick work of the rest of the Riders after they chose to battle instead of have tea.

"During HYDRA's overthrow of the United States government as seen in the Secret Empire storyline, Shen Xorn is chosen to lead New Tian, a sovereign nation created for mutants somewhere in California. It is later revealed that Emma Frost is the true leader of New Tian and that Xorn is the puppet ruler that she controls with her telepathy."

So wow - why would anyone want him on the X-Men? I'm interested to find out.

Bloodstorm - I'm interested. Weather powers actually go very nicely with Dracula powers. And the flip side of goddess - which Storm has been worshipped as - is demon.

According to Wikipedia:

"Powers and abilities
Aside from her control over the weather, Bloodstorm is also able to transform into a mist, summon, control, and transform into vermin and other animals such as wolves and bats, and drain blood through her fangs. Also, like any vampire, Ororo has the ability to turn others into vampires. She also has superhuman strength."

I like the superhuman strength. I like transforming into mist. I like summoning, controlling, and transforming into vermin and wolves and bats. I'm undecided about the draining blood aspect but only because I don't know how it's going to play out.

I think Bloodstorm could headline her own solo R-rated film - and should. Too bad it can't be a Marvel Studios film. But Deadpool and Logan were both very good. Bloodstorm could be another cinematic triumph.

Just please for the love of God do not cast Halle Berry.

As for Shen Xorn, he's pretty much the Anti-Morrison Xorn. The only black mark on his record, imo, is the Secret Empire stuff, and that was a mark on everybody's record. Maybe he'll be seeking redemption for being a stooge.

Other than being miffed that she's not the original Bloodstorm, I pretty much agree with you. And yes, no more Halle. Ptooey!

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