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Subj: Re: Who are your favorite "obscure" mutants?
Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 at 03:10:36 pm EST (Viewed 125 times)
Reply Subj: Who are your favorite "obscure" mutants?
Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 at 12:14:10 pm EST (Viewed 180 times)

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They don't have to be SUPER obscure. Just exclude the founding members of these teams:
1963 X-Men
1975 X-Men
New Mutants
Generation X
Peter David's X-Factor

Also exclude Havoc and Polaris, and Gambit and Rogue.

You get the idea.

Gonna be long. Generally from most beloved to least but still fondly remembered.

SAGE! ♥♥♥ I adore every bit of the retcon. I miss her. I sometimes dream about her. If anyone could supplant Kitty in my heart it might be her. But if she's not obscure enough...

Darkstar! I've always wanted her to be a prominent X-Man. She's my favourite Russian Marvel character.

Molly Hayes! If I have to explain, your too old.

I love the 25 mutants that survived the Kyle/Yost culling, most leftovers from the DeFillipis/Weir New Mutants... except maybe Pixie. I'm not sure how obscure characters like Rockslide, Anole, Surge, Hellion, and Dust are.

Lila Cheney! 'Nuff said.

Exiles' Nocturne -- alt-universe daughter of Nightcrawler and Wanda and awesome rocker chick! Butt Monkeys Rule!

Callisto? Leader of the Morlocks? Obscure? Don't think so, but maybe enough for this.

Evangeline "Vange" Whedon, from Claremont's X-Treme X-Men. She's a high-powered mutant rights lawyer that turns into a gorgeous red dragon. She's also appeared on the Gifted TV series.

Maggott. He's got slugs! Big deal! Heck, in my inner fanfic he is actually the slugs that grew a humanoid body to interact with bipeds.

Frenzy! Well, I was enjoying her until the "Age of X" hookup with Cyclops.

Cecilia Reyes

Amelia Voght. History with Chuck and her alternative views.

Siena Blaze. Surely they could pseudoscience something so that her powers didn't destroy the world.

X-Treme aka Adam X! He'll always be "my" 3rd "Summers" Brother.

Firestar. I think it speaks for itself.

I used to kind of roll my eyes at Stacy X, but now I kinda dig her.

I'm still kinda miffed that Joseph turned out to be a clone.

From the Morrison years: Dust, Beak, and Angel Salvadore. Although I'm not sure if the latter two are mutants anymore.

Artie & Leech. C'mon, who couldn't like them?

The mutants Claremont had in the Genoshan Excalibur series: Book, Wicked, Hub, etc.

A good while back (15 years or so?) there was a Morlocks mini about a group of Chicago Morlocks. In that group was a girl Heroin addict named Electric Eve. She was later in one of those one-page alt-universe Marvel Visions back in the early-2000s and joined the X-Men of that alt-universe.

The Young X-Men series (that gave us Ink also gave us): Cipher, Alisa Tager, who's mutant power is to sort of be forgotten. She can phase like Kitty, become invisible, inauduble, and can be immune to psychic detection.

Transonic of Generation Hope. Looks kinda like Mystique (blue skin and red hair), but flies really fast, and when she does, she turns into a magnificent flying fish-thing.

Eva Bell, aka Tempus with time powers, despite being a Bendis creation.

Lifeguard. Kind of a silly name, but I liked her, and especially her visual (golden skin and wings).

I wish the Hellions had survived Necrosha. I think maybe Claremont made them too pastiche-y.

All of those Fallen Angels kids (and lobsters, even if they aren't mutants). Especially Ariel the teleporter.

Petra & Sway - the two Deadly Genesis team members I wish would have survived

And a bunch of others I just miss for reasons:

Abyss - lost Nightcrawler half-brother
Arclight from the Marauders.
Box/Madison Jeffries
Diamond Lil - RIP \:\(
Caliban - RIP \:\(
Copycat - RIP \:\(
Erg - Morlock
Fatale - She seemed like she could be a rising star in the 90s, but then... nothing.
Gargouille - Acolyte
Goblyn - Gamma Flight kid
Threnody - WEHT... and her baby. Might be the only association of X-Man that I liked.
Outlaw - cowgirl used to hang with Deadpool
Peepers - RIP \:\(
Persuasion/Purple Girl
Paulie Provenzano - why do I have fond memories of him? RIP \:\(
Risque - RIP \:\(
Emma Steed - London Hellfire Club
Tangerine (but is she a mutant?) - MI13
Timeslip - Indian mutant from New Warriors

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