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Subj: Re: Who are your favorite "obscure" mutants?
Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 at 06:30:19 pm EST (Viewed 107 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Who are your favorite "obscure" mutants?
Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 at 04:47:19 pm EST (Viewed 120 times)

    Well, we don't all know which characters you know without googling. ;\-\)

Sure you do. See below. You did a great job!

    Actually, come to think of it Thunderbird I (founding member of the 1975 X-Men team, but killed off in his third appearance and stayed dead most of the time) is even more obscure. But for instance Layla and Guido are clearly far less prominent mutant characters than e.g. Psylocke and Magik, both of whom would technically qualify under your guidelines... \:\-\)

Yet you knew Psylocke and Magik were not characters I had in mind. See? But we didn't even get to the best part. See below.


      But OK - are either of these characters favorites of yours?

    Not really. I kinda like Strong Guy but Layla in the end grated my nerves a bit.

Strong Guy is cool. He seems like someone who'd be fun to play Settlers of Catan with. Except he'd beat me. Everybody beats me.

Layla was good when Peter David first introduced her and for a while afterward. He should have just kept her as she was. No explanation. No real back story. She just knew things. I was fascinated by that simple concept. It was a cool power. I liked it. Oh, and lest we forget - Bendis used her in some awful cross-over. House of M? I think that was it but I could easily be wrong. I wish characters had free will and could refuse to let writers use them. They would all flee the scene when Bendis showed up for a recruitment drive.

    Doug Ramsey (Cypher) was the one who came first to mind. Then, in no particular order,

I liked him too. But he was a friend of Kitty Pryde! Can't be obscure and a Kitty-friend at the same time. Her prominence will rub off on you. But then you came up with these gems!


    Frenzy (whom I only started to like during Carey's run).


    Morph (from AoA)

I have absolutely no idea who they are so - good choices!


She was a mutant? Wow! I know her from the original Champions.

    Lila Cheney

I know her. Teleports to other solar systems. Very weird power. I'm actually surprised I know who she is. I think I only encountered her in one issue of one comic. But her last name is Cheney (sounds like "Chaney" as in "Man of a Thousand Faces") so she made an impression on me.


Never heard of him/her so - good choice!


    Not sure if one should consider them obscure enough:

    Sunfire (Mariko Yashida) from Exiles

Alternate reality version of 616 Sunfire? Nice one!


    Someone mentioned Molly Hayes, but since she is one of the breakout characters from Runaways, I really think she is too well known to be considered obscure.

Molly Hayes is a television star so - not obscure.

    The same goes for Northstar, X-23 and Squirrel Girl (the latter also fairly recently redefined as not a mutant even though her powers are the result of what can only be described as genetic mutation). Also for Legion, whom I was thinking of including on my list.

None of those are obscure by any stretch of the imagination.

    On the whole, it seems to me I tend to be interested on average more in non-obscure mutants and non-mutant members of the cast (e.g. Val Cooper, Karima Shapandar and Gomi of the Fallen Angels) than in "obscure" mutants.

Non-mutant members of the cast... now that's interesting. I think they're usually invisible to me.

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