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Subj: Re: All-New Wolverine #31: On the other hand, BUNNIES!
Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 at 10:38:41 pm EST (Viewed 150 times)
Reply Subj: All-New Wolverine #31: On the other hand, BUNNIES!
Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 at 10:21:55 am EST (Viewed 163 times)

    Is Officially A Princess an IRL t-shirt or just a perfect new idea choice for Gabby who really deserved and should've been given a cover spot too!

Nothing relevant came up when I googled "officially a princess t-shirt" so I think the artist invented the idea.

And yes, since this was a Honey Badger/Deadpool team-up with Wolverine-23 as supporting character, without a doubt Honey Badger should have been on the - oh wait! She sort of is! Just very tiny. Marvel has gone back to the awesome corner image they used for issues 19 through 24.

When I take note of how Batman/Robin-ish that image is, I tip my hat (or would if I were wearing one) to Marvel for a perfectly executed dig at DC.

    All-New Wolverine 031

    This was a fun read!

Darn tootin'.

    It totally ignores Deadpool's chronology and character development and he ends up a lazy bloody-tongue-in-stabbed-cheek caricature of himself.

Thank Mephisto for small favors. This is Wade the way I like him best. But of course it takes a princess to bring out this side of him. Cable tried. Spider-Man didn't try but somehow almost did it. Honey Badger got it done. Of course Deadpool won't be like this tomorrow or even ten minutes from now. Nor should he be. This is Gabby-Wade.

    On the other hand, this was a fun read.

Darn straight.

    Every time Marvel finds a way to give 'dumb' animals real speech in some clever pseudo-science way it sets a horrible precident to maintain and sell. Also, like Jonathon, too often their thought patterns are too eloquent to accept.

I think I missed the issue where Laura got that gizmo. Who or what did she get it from?

    On the other hand, this was a fun read.

Yessiree Bob. (And hey, I wonder when Gabby will meet Bob! Or has she already?)

    Gabby is (becoming) more and more a darker character for teeny bopper Black Comedy effect (ala Hit-Girl) which really sends a mixed message to glorify and respect a 'Bugs Bunny violence and destruction is okey dokey' lifestyle. It's sort of depressing that her current direction is proceeding to reach those extremes. Sadly, akin to when Gwenpool just was introduced with ammoral rationalization for her totally criminal behavior - entertainingly presented.

Gabby was always dark by the standards of modern civilization. She was trained to kill, after all. She has always been stabby. Stabby Gabby. (Yeah, the English language, gotta love it.) But as it turns out, she didn't harm a single living creature in this entire issue. Except maybe the guy she chloroformed and forgot to catch. But that was an honest mistake. She's still learning. Good thing she has Deadpool to show her the ropes.

As for starting a fire in the building, well, yes, harm could come of that. Igniting an inferno in the heart of the city... what shocked me was Wolverine-23's nonchalance regarding that. Definitely out of character. Way out. To the point of absurdity.

    On the other hand, this was spot-on entertaining again. She had MANY good lines this ish (even if some were technically 'nasty') and made respectable Laura play second fiddle in her own book again.


    Dr.Boreland was given a grizzly end and left to it however well deserved it was.

It was Jonathan who made that happen, and with justice completely on his side, but yes, nobody in the story made any effort to prevent or mitigate it. Out of character for Laura because it plays against the kind of person she's trying to be, but Laura has always been one of the most dangerous creatures on the face of the Earth, so this was in character for her usually restrained inner beast, though still out of character when her noble ideals and adamantine self-control are factored in.

    On the other hand, ZOMBIE BUNNIES!!! C'mon! They're so widdle and fluffy and cute!

And lethal! Reminds me of a certain one-clawed youngster with a pet wolverine.

    *nostalgically smiles at memory of Anya in Buffy the Vampire eps* PLUS, Zombie Wolverines, Squirrels, aa..nn..dd..ee..vv..ee..nn..aa..ss..ll..oo..thhh..!

That Anya video you pasted in was a pleasure to watch! When that show allowed itself to be fun instead of dreary it was as unbeatable as Squirrel Girl.

    Only a one-shot 'filler' story in hindsight.

    On the other hand, a one-shot done right - and fun!

'Nuff said.

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