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Subj: Re: Yes. And Chaos War's Dead X-Men team.
Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 at 05:45:34 am EST (Viewed 151 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Yes. And Chaos War's Dead X-Men team.
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      The problem started back during Claremont, when Banshee was sidelined. But let's face it-- he was never as hip as the Cockrum creations and Wolverine. It takes a lot of work to make him not a fuddy-duddy.


        Frankly, I don't think having him be headmaster did him any favours.

    I can see that, I guess, but to me, the leaders are always fuddy-duddies and should be. Professor X, Cyclops in the old days, Captain America, Reed Richards, Doctor Strange (in the Bronze Age Defenders) - all are/were fuddy-duddies pretty much. The leader has to be a Mom or Dad figure, and Mom and Dad are going to be fuddy-duddies to some extent if they're really appropriate in their positions.

    But then of course we have the Wasp, the inimitable Janet Van Dyne, who seemed anything but a fuddy-duddy, right? Yet as soon as she became chairwoman of the Avengers, she started to fud and to dud with the best of them. Hawkeye likewise. They tried their best to emulate Cap, even as any X-Man who takes up the mantle of leadership tries to emulate Scott or Xavier, however much he or she may protest to the contrary, and any FF member who tries to lead in Reed's absence will try to emulate Reed, however much he or she may have chided Reed for fuddy-duddiness back when Reed was Dad. Secretly, we all want Dad and Mom to be fudders and dudders, however much we may say out loud that we want something to the contrary.

    Instead of sidelining Banshee, Marvel should have embraced this Fudster and Dudster from the Emerald Isle and let him do what he does best: be Dad. Like they did in Generation X.

It is interesting to me that this was the only time I can remember when fans were engaged in shipping discussions about him (many wanted to pair him up with Emma Frost).

I think he has two basic problems:

1) He is at heart a nice guy, positive and stable both as a father and a romantic partner, with no inner conflicts or reasons to feel bad about himself. If I want to compare him to someone, the characters who come to mind are characters like Uncle Ben or Joe Robertson - people you love as a reader, but simply are too "smooth", too lacking in rough edges to take the lead in a story.

2) He is easily replaceable because his daughter has pretty much the exact same powers (and to highlight it wears the same costume as he did); in the meantime she has at least as much on-panel experience using the sonic power. It does not help that Sean chose to use a codename that is by definition female ("banshee" (Irish: bean sí) even contains the Gaelic word for "woman" (bean)). And so there is little more reason to bring Sean back than there is to return Thunderbird I to life, at least until someone decides to revive Moira MacTaggert...

But Cyclops definitely had his fuddy-duddiness problems too, or was it that he always seemed to have a stick up his bum? In the 1960s he struck me as terribly boring (getting me to think - Reed Richards is so staid and stiff because he is a generation older than Johnny Storm, but what is Scott's excuse?). He only became interesting for me under Claremont, when he developed an increasingly confrontational (oedipal?) relationship with both his spiritual father and his biological one. (Here one can even see him being resentful at Charles Xavier because he chose Jean to be his confidante when he faked his death and not Scott).

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