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Subj: Re: What Are Some Key Issues With Colossus And Kitty, And Are People For The Marriage? Also, Isn't Peter Kind Of Shady?
Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 at 08:46:28 am EST (Viewed 173 times)
Reply Subj: What Are Some Key Issues With Colossus And Kitty, And Are People For The Marriage? Also, Isn't Peter Kind Of Shady?
Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 at 06:17:59 pm EST (Viewed 192 times)

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Spoilers for the marriage. They are set to get married, but I thought that their relationship has been kind of on-and-off for the past few decades. Are there any issues Pre-Whedon that really highlight their love for each other? I do recall his relationship with that healer babe during the first Secret Wars (I haven't read that in a while, though.), but I don't think that's been brought up since. I haven't read a lot of the key Claremont (From his first run.) issues with Kitty, but i do recall their relationship being pretty friendly, but not romantic. Thanks.

Speaking of Peter, now that I think about it, he does have kind of a shady history for someone who's supposed to be the "Nice guy" of the team. He's killed Proteus and Riptide (Although Proteus could be justified away. The Riptide one was more in the heat of anger and rage.), he beat up Pete Wisdom when he saw her with Kitty, and he joined the Acolytes. Yeah, at first he had brain damage, but didn't he go BACK to them after they fixed the brain damage? Isn't he supposed to have a son out there, too? When you take all of this into account, Peter might not exactly be the most stable guy out there.

What do people think of the marriage? It might actually be GOOD to have a marriage that lasts in the X-Universe! We all remember what happened with poor Scott.

I've gone back and forth on their relationship.

Back in the day, this was MY SHIP! I became a huge Russophile because of Piotr! I was anamoured with Kitty (our age difference wasn't that big back then). And this sort of lasted well into adulthood... to the point where I see a lot of Kitty in my wife. More than any other relationship in any other fiction, I wanted these two kids to have their HEA (at least in terms of romance).

But then they split... and I was sad, but I learned to accept it. But only sort of. No other man has measured up for her. NONE!

I don't even entertain Kitty being a lesbian. So that division of fandom can just bite me. \:P If she were, I think Kitty would embrace it and be the best damned lesbian that ever existed. She'd have been out of the closet at 5 years old and never looked back. That's how she rolls.

Anyway... Years and years later, Whedon brought them back together. I wasn't that pleased. I'd gotten over it, and generally, I don't like "going back." But it was okay.

And then AVX happened, and Piotr got all Phoenixy and really creepy. So, Kitty told him to get bent. But that's Phoenix mind control.

Now they're back. I'm just like... "whatever." We'll see.

As for Piotr's brain damage, you don't undo brain damage. At best, you just work around it. He seems to still have bursts of rage that he never seemed have before that.

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