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Subj: Re: X-Men Red #2: Does this issue poke you?
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 at 08:22:40 am EST (Viewed 217 times)
Reply Subj: X-Men Red #2: Does this issue poke you?
Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 at 05:50:35 pm EST (Viewed 58 times)

    Actually, it was a half-decent read. Of course, that's ignoring that readers still don't know why they're reading it - only the X-men know the details of their reimagined mobilizing mission statement to reform the people of the world. And of course there's the painfully predictable and terrifically trope cliffhanger of a Sentinels Attack! ...Must be Wednesday. The good of it was the characterization focus of the team, the remote locales, and the efficient infiltration tactics to free Trinary. Her and Gentle show up -in the present- and that helped the issue.

Yup. Ignoring that, it was a pretty good issue. I enjoyed it a bit more than Gold this week.

    Jean. She's seems nice and compitent. A likable leader at the gate with a very impressive rescue showing of her telepathy. No 'back to life' followup or detailed dynamics/interaction with A-List characters was disappointing.

Yeah. But I feel she's really not doing enough.

    Kurt. He looks terrible in a beard! (Goatee? That may be more acceptable.) Has any other writer/artist interpretted him that way? He looks wrong on the cover for that reason - plus he didn't even deserve this pointless poser cover for this one. He was written safe here - which is not bad. Plus, he has a clear loyalty to Jean for readers to relate to.

There have been times Kurt has grown his facial hair (like the goatee thing). But yeah, Kurt isn't a wild mountain man. His fur is like that of a beagle, not a sheepdog.

    Namor. Not there. This issue could've used some fiery personality.

I don't think there was a need for it.

    Wolverine Laura. WHY? She might as well have not been there too. They should replace her with Ororo ASAP - especially if based in Wakanda now. Hmm... how long before somebody even mention Storm's name given the locale. Will the book break dumb tradition and make the shared universe chronology with the BP books more reader friendly?

Well, wasn't it her that chopped the guy's fingers off at the end?

    Gabby. \:D Awesome. Her shining character was missing in the premiere but her bubbling personality and one-liner finesse from the ANW series has arrived in this title. Not a bad scene here. She bumped up the issue's rating.

She was the worst part for me. Everything she does is just padding and distraction. Let's not focus on the important stuff-- just have Gabby do something silly-cute.

    Trinary. Technopath. Hmm. Reserving judgement. Although, it was good to finally meet her and she does have a servicable pseudo-origin going on. Lakshay Singh is not a very dynamic antagonist (as of yet) but he helps make her interesting enough so far. Hopefully she doesn't turn out to be a cheap mutant knock off of Viv Vision or Misty Knight.

It's official. They really goofed with her codename. It should have been Ternary, if this is her power. Misty Knight's not even a technopath. How about cheap knockoff of Sage?

    Gentle. As strong as The Hulk?! Really? What was his best showing so far? More interested in him than Trinary at this point. It was a bit disappointing there wasn't some pretense to include him on the rescue mission. Instead all we get was him literally sitting around.

Well, he's definitely Class 100. He's on par with Colossus, at least. But considering that isn't even close to his top, yeah, maybe Hulk. 'Course, it would probably kill him.

    Wolverine Logan. Wolverine?! Gimmick cameo. Sigh. He leaves his friends to deal with the trouble themselves so he can go off to the Infinity Countdown no doubt.

Hmm. I wonder if he'll still make all of these popups after Infinity Countdown #1.

    Gambit. Next issue star?! Sheesh. *shakes head*


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